75 Couples Apply for Marriage License in St. Mary's Co. in August

Newly married couple. Stock photo.
LEONARDTOWN, Md. (September 05, 2018)—The following couples applied for a marriage license with the St. Mary's County Circuit Court in Leonardtown in August 2018.

August 1, 2018

John Joseph Romer, II, 51, Valley Lee, and Denise Ann Spencer, 48, Valley Lee.

August 2, 2018

Vicki Larna Barnett, 47, Hollywood, and Richard Michael Slade, 51, St. Inigoes.

Christina Marie Milam, 31, Great Mills, and Gregory Lyle Tippett, 38, Great Mills.

August 3, 2018

Brian Peter Curry, 28, Lexington Park, and Breanna Ruth Brower, 21, Lemoore, Ca.

Eunice Marie Proctor, 46, Lexington Park, and Eugene James Thompson, 48, Lexington Park.

Bethany Carolyn Gank, 22, Mechanicsville, and James Christopher Deibler, 32, Mechanicsville.

Bich-Thao Nguyen, 25, Severna Park, and Clifford Jensen Strass, 26, Severna Park.

Eric Justin Ricardo, 32, Lusby, and Sydni Alliece Yoakam, 27, Lusby.

Danielle Nicole Bednar, 31, Leonardtown, and Jonathon Lee Baxter, 32, Leonardtown.

August 6, 2018

Brian Joseph Goode, 31, Arlington, Va. and Samantha Patricia Dorn, 32, Arlington, Va.

Joseph Lee Turnage, Jr., 48, Mechanicsville, and Sherlene Izella Bullock, 43, Mechanicsville.

Andrew Ryan Compton, 30, Havre De Grace, and Laura Suzanne Backhaus, 28, Callaway.

Stephen Patrick Miller, 32, Cambridge, Ma. and Jacqueline Marlene Brady, 28, Cambridge, Ma.

August 7, 2018

Cynthia Margret Homan, 37, Mechanicsville, and Michael Patrick Adams, Jr., 41, Mechanicsville.

Michael James Bell, 45, Lexington Park, and Anne-Marie Christine Arnold, 44, Lexington Park.

Jamie Renee George, 27, St. Leonard, and Andrew Ryan Brady, 34, St. Leonard.

Andrew Kenton Marshall, 36, Patuxent River, and Sarah Elizabeth Cresswell, 34, Patuxent River.

August 8, 2018

Donna Marie Bowman, 46, Lexington Park, and Robert Bunton Thompson, Jr., 47, Lexington Park.

Taylor Alexandra Wood, 24, Montross, Va. and Andrew James Boarman, 25, Montross, Va.

Collin James Miles, 32, Mechanicsville, and Ashley Nicole Miles, 30, Mechanicsville.

Scott Matthew Sweeney, 55, Edgewood, NM and Margarita Angelina Sanders, 29, Edgewood, NM.

Joshua Ryan Buckler, 27, Mechanicsville, and Cary Alexis Redding, 22, Mechanicsville.

August 10, 2018

Abigail Bliss Crim, 26, Lexington Park, and Thomas Murray Powell, 27, Lexington Park.

Christopher Michael Cooper, 27, Lexington Park, and Shanice Sharon Dublin, 25, Lexington Park.

Sandra Marie Mcgee, 36, Mechanicsville, and James Everette Wills, 39, Mechanicsville.

Kristina Marie Nelson, 30, Lexington Park, and Dan John Sotingco Etelamaki, 29, Lexington Park.

August 13, 2018

Mary Jeanette Broomfield, 24, California, and Michael Hanson Malpass, 25, California.

Jennifer Stephanie Ramos-Hernandez, 25, Lexington Park, and Nelson Noe Funes Ramos, 20, Lexington Park.

Kristen Lauren Williams, 31, Clements, and Steven Kyle Schulz, 32, Clements.

Cedric Reshad Bender, 27, Silver Spring, and Anouck Blaise, 27, Silver Spring.

Matthew Scott Wentz, 32, Hollywood, and Jessica Raimelle Reed, 32, Hollywood.

August 14, 2018

James Michael Pankiewicz, 25, California, and Stephanie Anne Berry, 27, California.

Marjorie Virginia Hill, 47, Mechanicsville, and Reinardo Albert Garcia, 70, Mechanicsville.

Robert Thomas Trudell, 24, Tall Timbers, and Brittany Nicole Eckloff, 23, Tall Timbers.

August 15, 2018

Oyan Dorothea Miller, 25, Great Mills, and Aaron Patrick Ramsey, Sr., 25, California.

Sarah Marie Koenig, 29, White Plains, and Nicholas Preston Dandy, 32, Waldorf.

Christopher Michael Gase, 28, Mechanicsville, and Mallory Jean Knott, 28, Mechanicsville.

August 16, 2018

Emma Teresa Young, 55, Mechanicsville, and Joseph Barber Chase, 60, Mechanicsville.

Shawn Michael Bennett, 27, Lexington Park, and Christian Allen Windsor, 22, Lexington Park.

August 17, 2018

Katarina Marie Boteler, 23, Mechanicsville, and Brian Dean Beverly, Jr., 22, Mechanicsville.

Nannette Louise Robey, 54, Callaway, and Paul Kenneth Harris, 58, Callaway.

Kaytlynn Nicole Sexton, 23, Hollywood, and Luke Allan Hendrix, 22, Lusby.

Danielle Sabine Bullard, 27, Mechanicsville, and Tyler Gene Allen, 24, Mechanicsville.

Kelly Bennett Sothoron, 24, Mechanicsville, and Joseph Patrick Holman, 24, Mechanicsville.

Katie Eileen Brown, 29, Dowell, and John William Korsnick, III, 29, Dowell.

August 20, 2018

Mary Allyson Gardiner, 29, Middle River, and Jay Franklin Wince, 28, Middle River.

Sean Heming Nodland, 22, California, and Amidala Reepschlager Smart, 18, Dyfed, UK

Cindy Ann Ford, 43, Lexington Park, and Willia Anthony Owens, Jr, 29, Lexington Park.

August 21, 2018

Latasha Michelle Hevi, 37, California, and Yao Dzifa Hevi, 34, California.

Jessica Louise Carter, 34, Hollywood, and James Michael Alexandria, 37, Hollywood.

August 22, 2018

John Michael Medestomas Cayanan, 36, Great Mills, and Trisha Lynn Chilcott, 35, Great Mills.

Denise Marie Helm, 29, Lexington Park, and Ronald Roosevelt Botts, III, 31, Lexington Park.

Amy Lynn Peterman, 39, Clements, and Timothy Alexander Sater, Sr, 36, Clements.

August 24, 2018

Rachel Annette Pace, 34, Washington, D.C. and Daryl Victor Curry, 33, Washington, D.C.

Matthew Kyle Bishop, 32, Great Mills, and Tonya Mae Brenner, 25, Great Mills.

Natasha Sonja Naglowsky, 29, Prince Frederick, and Wesley Joseph Gould, 27, Prince Frederick.

Jayme Leonard Schmidt, 63, Lusby, and Sue Ann Kaufman, 67, Lusby.

Veronica Figueroa Negron, 29, Lexington Park, and Emmanuel De Jesus Lorenzo Perez, 28, Lexington Park.

August 27, 2018

Brittany Karleen Wenger, 20, Mechanicsville, and Calvin Brubacker Zimmerman, 19, Leonardtown.

Ashley Nicole Bell, 29, Leonardtown, and James Brandon Whitney, 31, Leonardtown.

Brenda Lee Bowie, 40, Chaptico, and Ryan Mark Dean, 37, Chaptico.

Sareka Monique Gray, 38, Lexington Park, and Melvin Darnell Butler, 28, Lexington Park.

Colleen Denise Nagel, 28, Solomons, and Joshua George Barnier, 28, Solomons.

Marlin Paul Stauffer, 23, Mechanicsville, and Miranda Joy Martin, 20, Leonardtown.

August 29, 2018

Lindsay Sara Kuntz, 32, Mechanicsville, and James Leo Grinder, 34, Mechanicsville.

August 30, 2018

Lisa Marie Wathen, 42, Monroeville, Pa. and John Edward Burch, 37, Monroeville, Pa.

Kayla Amani Moten, 26, Waldorf, and Jonathan Elijuaha Savoy, 25, Lexington Park.

August 31, 2018

Catherine Ann Keith, 27, Owings, and Matthew Joseph Fentress, 31, Owings.

Erin Elizabeth Johnson, 39, Leonardtown, and Jeffrey Daniel Direnzo, 43, Leonardtown.

Joseph Anthony Corelli, 33, California, and Melanie Lynn Langley, 23, California.

Michael Martin Dahlstrom, 26, Hollywood, and Stephanie Christina Bell, 25, Hollywood.

Stephanie Lynn Sprouse, 26, Mechanicsville, and Robert Joseph Kraft, 29, Mechanicsville.

Shari Lynn Rooss, 24, Mechanicsville, and Timothy Jack Gillikin, 24, Mechanicsville.

Amanda Mae Sieber, 31, Norcross, Ga. and Joshua Hutcheson Floyd, 35, Norcross, Ga.

Jordan Alexandra Wiley, 27, Great Mills, and Brian Andrew Lauver, 28, Great Mills.

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