63 Couples Apply for Marriage License in St. Mary's Co. in July

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LEONARDTOWN, Md. (August 07, 2018)—The following 63 couples applied for a marriage license with the St. Mary's County Circuit Court in Leonardtown in July 2018.

July 2, 2018

Michelle Lee Taylor, 43, Lexington Park, and Mark Edward Turkaly, 48, Lexington Park.

Alyssa Tiara Murphy, 18, Leonardtown, and Nicholas Sean Grant, 19, Leonardtown.

Brenda Brady Duvall, 68, Piney Point, and William Baruch Clagett Addison, Jr., 66, Upper Marlboro.

July 3, 2018

Denise Lynn Holman, 60, Leonardtown, and John Gordon Wilfong, III, 53, Leonardtown.

Samantha Leigh Marshall, 24, California, and Bradley Andrew Lysaght, 25, California.

July 5, 2018

Katherine Isabel Rocheteau, 25, Great Mills, and Justin David Zarzaca, 28, Great Mills.

July 6, 2018

Kristen Megan Bragg, 27, Lusby, and Gerald Vernon Ruehl, II, 27, Lusby.

Blaire Joanna Huffman, 26, Bushwood, and Shane Raymond Tennyson, 27, Bushwood.

Destiny Lynn Hays, 21, Chaptico, and William Kenneth Faunce, III, 27, Mechanicsville.

Elizabeth Ann Cashman, 33, Mechanicsville, and Kevin Anthony Gray, 36, Mechanicsville.

Sakaoduan Bickford, 47, Lexington Park, and James Thomas Tardugno, Jr., 57, Lexington Park.

Debra Lynne Mack, 62, Leonardtown, and Gary Ellis Litten, 64, Leonardtown.

Taylor Erin Sebold, 27, Lusby, and Johnathan Beau Broderick, 24, Lusby.

July 9, 2018

Tyrone Henry Leak, 41, Lexington Park, and Cathi-Anne Caralynne Cooke, Lexington Park.

Kaitlyn Renee Middleton, 22, Mechanicsville, and John Tyler Forsyth, 23, Mechanicsville.

July 10, 2018

Dominique Terell Epps, 27, Baltimore, and Joyce Mae Hollingsworth, 26, Baltimore.

Rebecca Ann Williams, 27, Waldorf, and Timothy Roger Steele, 33, Waldorf.

Emma Jo Carpenter, 21, Trenton, NC and Justin Matthew Reyna, 22, Trenton, NC.

Jack Lawrence Forsythe, 65, La Plata, and Susan Kay Boggs, 54, La Plata.

Jane Marie Bryant, 29, California, and Jeffrey Erik Dionne, 28, California.

July 11, 2018

Anthony Dwayne Dyson, Sr, 40, Lexington Park, and Anastasia Christina Moore, 38, Lexington Park.

Vada Rebecca Payne, 47, Leonardtown, and John Richard Guy, Sr, 53, Leonardtown.

Nicole Leigh Burgess, 21, Leonardtown, and Elliott Thomas Attwell, 23, Leonardtown.

Alexander Raphael Tortorice, 28, California, and Christine Marie Chicco, 29, California.

Maria Asucena Perry, California, and Christopher Michael Mumbach, 36, California.

Lesvia Elena De Leon, 52, Los Angeles, Calif. and Amilcar Jumique Betancourth, 43, Lexington Park.

July 13, 2018

Francis Desales Mills, 55, Lexington Park, and Veronica Anita Young, 53, Lexington Park.

Heather Fay Wallace, 32, Fallston, and Jeffrey Robert Marsh, 40, Fallston.

July 16, 2018

Nancy Lynn Hutchins, 57, Mechanicsville, and Douglas Paul Cecil, 51, Mechanicsville.

Donald Frederick Anderson, Jr., 40, Mechanicsville, and Karen Leigh Weimert, 46, Mechanicsville.

July 17, 2018

Olivia Jean Longobardi, 18, Mechanicsville, and Curtis Wayne Benes, Jr., 22, DC.

Elson Lloyd Ingram, III, 27, Mechanicsville, and Amanda Catharine Raley, 26, Bushwood.

July 18, 2018

Rachel Ann Marie Quispehuaman, 24, Mechanicsville, and Skylar Matthew Knowles, 25, Mechanicsville.

Zachary Gibson Hartman, 27, Mechanicsville, and Deidra Elyse Phipps, 25, Mechanicsville.

Tyler Wesley Ellis, 33, Bushwood, and Katrina Deanne Smith, 29, Bushwood.

Cory James Shymansky, 41, King George, Va. and Robin Ann Williams, 38, King George, Va.

Kieshana Ta"Shae Young, 19, Lexington Park, and Shy"Kem Tyrell Butler, 18, Lexington Park.

William Allan Rush, Jr., 23, Waldorf, and Amber Paige Pilkerton, 27, Mechanicsville.

Crystal Sabrina Summers, 36, Lusby, and Kenyson Davis, 42, Lusby.

Jennifer Lynn Shlegle, 31, La Plata, and Phillip David-Clay Arrigo, 36, La Plata.

July 20, 2018

Jason Richard Thomas, 42, Lexington Park, and Mary Gwinette Mikesell, 39, Lexington Park.

July 23, 2018

Amanda Marie Squires, 26, Great Mills, and Anibal Delgado, 31, Lexington Park.

Sky Marie Dishman, 23, Port Tobacco, and Steven Tyler Stonestreet, 34, Port Tobacco.

Megan Nicole Case, 21, Lusby, and Nathan Alexander Bluteau, 23, Lusby.

Tracey Michelle Mattingly, 43, Hollywood, and Kelly Lee Weeks, 44, Hollywood.

July 24, 2018

Jenifer Joan Kearns, 46, Lexington Park, and Benjamin Nathan Earley, 34, Lexington Park.

Patrick Louis Campbell, 24, Mechanicsville, and Alicia Kelley Young, 23, Great Mills.

Kathleen Rita Davis, 44, Mechanicsville, and Mark William Schlickbernd, 59, Mechanicsville.

Kelly Lynn Robertson, 38, Mechanicsville, and Marc Lamount Cox, 46, Forest Heights.

July 25, 2018

Lindsey Alyssa Berry, 24, Mechanicsville, and Mark Vincent Wroble, Jr., 25, Mechanicsville.

Megan Rose Luppino, 22, California, and David Edward Dziergowski, Jr., 26, Halethorpe.

July 26, 2018

Francis Murphy Cromwell, 56, Tall Timbers, and Melissa Sue Ritter, 45, Tall Timbers.

Joan Marie Mcguire, 60, Leonardtown, and James Olin Joy, 60, Leonardtown.

Javier Eduardo Rendon Velez, 29, Great Mills, and Paola Beltran Pena, 26, Great Mills.

July 27, 2018

Lauren Elizabeth Crossman, 40, Leonardtown, and Eric John Ropella, 48, Leonardtown.

Wendy Evans Jones, 46, Drayden, and Glenn Drew Van Noordt, 54, Drayden.

Richard Lavelle Smith, Jr., 43, Lexington Park, and Laci Nicole Gunn, 35, Lexington Park.

Kayla Lynn Shellman, 21, California, and Brandon Michael Currie, 23, California.

Chrystal Lynne Finley, 49, Leonardtown, and Charles Herbert Thompson, 39, Leonardtown.

July 30, 2018

Christen Marie Fegeley, 27, Baltimore, and Alexander Mark Supplee, 27, Baltimore.

Katrina Rochelle Price, 46, Valley Lee, and Bryan Alan Reynolds, 33, Valley Lee.

July 31, 2018

Ashley Megan Hanrahan, 30, Nottingham, and Jeffrey John Sarzynski, 48, Nottingham.

Taylor Nicole Mchenry, 24, Mechanicsville, and Brandon Bunthan Touch, 24, Mechanicsville.

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