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Buckler-Gass - Gass
Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bobbie Jo Buckler-Gass of Mechanicsville and Joshua Gass of Bushwood were married on Saturday, June 07, 2008 in Sacred Heart Church, Bushwood, Maryland. The bride is the daughter of Margaert Buckler and the late Jay B. Buckler. The groom is the son of Robert Gass and Pamela Simmons.

YES, we are already married but that was in 2005 at the court house and this date is for our church ceremony, so family and friends can join us this go around! The Wedding party consists of: Betsy Terrell (maid-of-Honor) Melissa & Lisa Quade, Amy Nichols, Dayna Downs and Ashley Raley all bridesmaids. Jason Gass (best-man), Derick Quade, Brandon and Shane Gass, David Lee and Ray Terrell all groomsmen. Thanks to everyone that is being a part of our special day!!
Congratulations from the Community

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