Hanbury, William Thomas, Sr.
Birth: Thursday, January 13, 1938 in Washington, D.C.
Residence: Charlotte Hall, Maryland
Death: Monday, December 02, 2019 at the age of 81
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William Thomas "Billy" Hanbury Sr, 81, Charlotte Hall, MD passed away peacefully on December 2, 2019. William T. Hanbury, Sr., affectionately known as Billy, Uncle Bill, Daddy and Dad, was born in Washington, DC at the old Sibley Hospital in NW DC, he lived in Charlotte Hall with his wife, Catherine of 51 years for the majority of his life. He called it "God's Country". He fell asleep into death on December 2, 2019 after a battle with cancer with most of his children lovingly by his side. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Billy was the sixth (6th) child of Lewis F and Audrey G Hanbury. The family of boys were known as the Fighting Hanbury's, as the family was devoted to boxing, stock car racing and each other. Billy always looked up to his brothers and sister as his role models after having lost their father when he was ten (10) …. he lived his childhood surrounded by his brothers, a sister, their spouses and nieces and nephews as his parental figures and playmates all in one. These role models instilled in him the great characteristics of being industrious, hard-working, honest and family oriented. The love between he and his siblings was built on devotion to one another.

He had his first child at 23 and his last 3 years later. Parenthood was quite the challenge and required a LOT of adjustment over the years; he learned quite fast that patience is a virtue not all of us possess. Next to parenthood and being a devoted-husband he never found anything much more important than going to work to provide for his family. Even while having only a motorcycle to commute to work each day year-round, he never found it in him to take a break from work. Billy viewed working as an Operating Engineer out of Local 77 as working with big boys Tonka Toys. Always looking out for his family first, he suffered through many a cold commute rather than complain and take a new toy for himself. Billy did find great enjoyment in stock cars, camping and crabbing, eating crabs, showing hospitality, and whittling wood into ornate and intricate artisan pieces from ordinary household objects.

On March 29, 1969 he and Cathy dedicated their lives to serve Jehovah and symbolized this by water baptism as a Jehovah's Witness. Billy's faith helped him to become the man he always aspired to be. Billy continued in his progressive bible studies, and service to help others learn the good news for the entirety of his life, joyously so. One of Billy's greatest honors and enjoyment was in building Kingdom Halls around the area, and volunteering during disaster relief efforts.

He is survived by his youngest brother, Marty, his 5 children, 7 grandchildren, and 5 and ½ great grandchildren. (go ask Mikey about the ½).
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