55 Couples Apply for Marriage License in St. Mary's Co. in September

LEONARDTOWN, Md. (Oct. 04, 2017)—The following couples applied for a marriage license with the St. Mary's County Circuit Court in Leonardtown in September 2017.

September 1, 2017

Nicholas Adam Benjes, 30, Hollywood, and Melanie Ann Bowles, 26, Hollywood.

June Anne Mason, Ridge, and Joseph Raymond Fenhagen, 54, Ridge.

Dolly Virginia Garrison, 25, Mechanicsville, and Caleb Hansen Brewer, 25, Mechanicsville.

September 5, 2017

Allison Jean Kimble, 40, La Plata, and Wayne Paul Hartley, 49, La Plata.

James William Williams, 66, Mechanicsville, and Vickie Yevonne Snipes, 61, Mechanicsville.

Jeffrey Anthony Brown, 55, California, and Deanne Marie Myers, 48, California.

September 6, 2017

Robert Eugene Harim, 48, Coltons Point, and Sherri Lynne Ashley, 48, Coltons Point.

Cory Benjamin Crosby, Sr., 36, Patuxent River, and Shamber Rena Vanhoose, 27, Patuxent River.

September 8, 2017

Christy Lynne Ridgell, 33, Saint Inigoes, and Bryon Keith Leach, 39, Saint Inigoes.

Jonathan David Shaner, 27, Leonardtown, and Samantha Jo Jones, 26, California.

Cynthia Renee Williams, 18, Leonardtown, and Joshua Nathan Duke, 22, Leonardtown.

Ashleigh Frances Hall, 24, Leonardtown, and Christopher William Jennings, 25, Hollywood.

James Frederick Murphy, III, 38, Mechanicsville, and Alicia Marie Parker, 38, Mechanicsville.

September 11, 2017

David Scott Polen, 59, Mechanicsville, and Teresa Ann Farr, 56, Mechanicsville.

Kristina Michelle Mullins, 24, Avenue, and Charles Joseph Huseman, 26, Avenue.

September 12, 2017

Crystal Darleen Hill, 25, Lexington Park, and Brandon Ray James, 26, Lexington Park.

William Roger Graves, Jr., 55, Newburg, and Wendy Marieta Williams, 55, Newburg.

Joseph Carl Hammonds, 23, Hughesville, and Brittany Nicole Cusick, 23, La Plata.

Johana Casas, 35, Lexington Park, and Angel Amaya Garrido, 31, Lexington Park.

September 13, 2017

Carey Brandon Houser, 35, California, and Denise Michelle Artman-Mullins, 35, California.

Robin Nicole Hoffman, 30, Lusby, and Joseph Tyrone Cole, Jr., 31, Lusby.

September 14, 2017

Christopher Edward Monaghan, 30, Hollywood, and Jordan Michelle Rio, 26, Glen Burnie.

Melissa Jean Pumphrey, 32, New York, NY and Shaun Benson Stewart, 29, New York, NY.

September 15, 2017

Christopher Gordon Mcdonald, 34, Lexington Park, and Marea Binea Dukes, 30, Lexington Park.

Destiny Annemarie Nelson, 22, Lexington Park, and Christopher Andrew Adams, 25, Lexington Park.

Alexander Roe Barton, 24, Baltimore, and Mckenna Marie Adams, 25, Baltimore.

Stormmie April Raines, 28, Lexington Park, and Teresa Irene King, 23, Lexington Park.

Edward Curtis Tatum, Jr., 38, Leonardtown, and Robin Elaine Jones, 30, Leonardtown.

Anna Marie Jones, 34, Mechanicsville, and Justin Andrew Fiore, 28, Mechanicsville.

Megan Kathleen Trossbach, 26, Silver Spring, and Phillip Thomas Riordan, 27, Silver Spring.

Heather Lynn Frost, 25, Dunkirk, and Kenneth John O'neill, 26, Lothian.

Maurice Stephaun Martin, 31, Waldorf, and Lashwania Denee Wells, 29, Waldorf.

September 18, 2017

Marcus Gehman Stauffer, 24, Homer City, Pa. and Eva Sensenig Stauffer, 25, Leonardtown.

Justin Troy Sager, 29, King George, Va. and Alina Christine Zayas, 24, King George, Va.

Marta Vilela Gil, 54, Mechanicsville, and Timothy John Bauer, 54, Mechanicsville.

September 19, 2017

Angel Marie Kravats, 27, Mechanicsville, and Wesley Thomas Spangler, 47, La Plata.

September 20, 2017

Miranda Lyn Ruby, 23, Mechanicsville, and Joshua Michael Firtch, 30, Fort Myer, Va

Katie Lee Unkle, 39, Calhoun Falls, SC and Michael Solomon Roth, 52, Calhoun Falls, SC.

Dustin Kyle Weslow, 27, California, and Kara Elizabeth Sapp, 26, California.

September 22, 2017

Kelly Elise Mclaughlin, 24, Mechanicsville, and Joseph David Burroughs, 26, Mechanicsville.

Kristen Brooke Davis, 33, Leonardtown, and Scott Alan Mckee, 34, Leonardtown.

Brian Philip Goodrich, 62, Mechanicsville, and Sharon Marie Guy, 52, Mechanicsville.

Jason Anthony Bailey, 39, Great Mills, and Christina Rae Thompson, 36, Great Mills.

September 25, 2017

Jamie Lynne Walker, 34, Indian Head, and William Samuel Parks, Jr., 26, Indian Head.

September 26, 2017

Laura Kathleen Meier, 28, Millersville, and Kevin Ray Erskine, 29, Millersville.

Kayla Marie Tennison, 27, Mechanicsville, and David Lee Hall, Jr., 27, Mechanicsville.

September 27, 2017

Amber Lee Cook, 25, Mechanicsville, and Timothy Allan Rye, Jr., 21, Mechanicsville.

Caitlin Elizabeth Maloney, 29, Mechanicsville, and Keith Edward Hemming, 32, Mechanicsville.

Mark Andrew Bailey, Ii, 23, Mechanicsville, and Alyssa Cornelia Quade, 23, Mechanicsville.

September 28, 2017

Pauline Marie Medina Romero, 26, Waldorf, and Renneth Dean Ringor Bugayong, 26, Lexington Park.

Casey Lynn Edwards, 29, King George, Va. and Michael Anthony Balenger, Ii, 35, King George, Va.

September 29, 2017

Faith Noelle Wassink, 31, California, and Charles Lowry Kaylor, Jr, 46, California.

Melissa J. Emerson, 56, Coltons Point, and Joseph Louis Murphy, Iii, 49, Coltons Point.

Jenna Neade Mulliken, 30, Valley Lee, and Michael Brent Dyson Guzman, 31, Valley Lee.

Michelle Lee Mcdonald, 27, Dunkirk, and John Michael Faig, Jr, 27, Dunkirk.

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