St. Mary's Co. Sheriff's Office News Briefs

Maryland Historic Motor Vehicle Registration Misuse

Recently the Sheriff's Office has seen an increase of use and complaints regarding vehicles unlawfully displaying historic registration.

Maryland Transportation Title 13 Section 936 states:

"To be registered as a historic vehicle (Class L), the vehicle must be a passenger vehicle, motorcycle or truck (with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds or less); 20 calendar years old or older and must not have been substantially altered, remodeled or remanufactured from the manufacturers original design." A vehicle registered as historic "will not be used for general daily transportation, or primarily for the transportation of passengers or property on highways." A vehicle registered as historic "will be maintained for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades, tours, occasional transportation and similar uses."

The fee to register and tag a vehicle as a "historic" vehicle is substantially less than the regular registration and tag fee for a passenger vehicle. A recent trend, in an attempt to circumvent the system and avoid paying standard registration and tag fees, is to register a vehicle as "historic" and then operate the "historic" vehicle for general daily use and/or passenger transportation in clear violation of Maryland Transportation law.

"Unlawful use of historic motor vehicle for general transportation, commercial transportation of passengers or property" carries $140.00.

Driving on the shoulder, in Turn Lanes, or through Parking Lots to Avoid Traffic Signals

A St. Mary's County motorist recently contacted our Traffic Safety Unit with the following concern:

"Does the Sheriff's Office get many complaints regarding motorist who drive north on Three Notch Road (Maryland Route 235) after work? Many motorist use the turn lane to get to the next light and fly through the parking lots to get a few car lengths ahead. The drivers who turn at Millstone Landing are the worst because they jet through the bowling alley parking lot. Town Creek Drive is a close second. Drivers turn in and do a u-turn in the road just to get back out onto Three Notch Road."

The St. Mary's County Traffic Safety Unit would like to remind motors of the following Maryland Transportation Laws:

Article 21-201 (a) (2) - "Obedience to and required traffic control devices"

"The driver of a vehicle approaching an intersection controlled by a traffic control device may not drive across private property or leave the roadway for the purpose of avoiding the instruction of a traffic control device." Drivers convicted of this offense are subject to $90.00 fine and one point. If the violation results in a collision the punishment increases to $130.00 and 3 points.

Article 21-309 (d) - "Driving on laned roadways"

"The driver of a vehicle shall obey the direction of each traffic control device that directs specified traffic to use a designated lane or that designates those lanes to be used by traffic moving in a particular direction, regardless of the center of the roadway. Drivers convicted of this offense are subject to $90.00 fine and one point. If the violation results in a collision the punishment increases to $130.00 and 3 points.

The warm weather has arrived. Vehicular, bike and pedestrian traffic has increased. The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office is committed to traffic safety. Our Motor Units have completed their annual training and will be deployed to help keep our roadways safe. Be a part of the solution and commit to traffic safety.

St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office Welcomes Twelve New Deputies

Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron and the men and women of St, Mary's County Sheriff's Office would like to congratulate the following new deputies for completing the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice 28 week police entry level training program:

-- Deputy Shane L. Cameron
-- Deputy Kurt V. Dalman
-- Deputy Blaine R. Gaskill
-- Deputy Lacey A. Johnson
-- Deputy Jason M. Kerns
-- Deputy Philip A. Lance
-- Deputy David M. Lawrence
-- Deputy James R. Lloyd
-- Deputy Artina S. Manns
-- Deputy Matthew S. Pleisse
-- Deputy Christopher J. Shomper
-- Deputy Timothy E. Wesner

The graduation ceremony was held at Huntingtown School on April 18, 2013. The deputies' training program included extensive instruction on criminal law, constitutional law, traffic law, patrol procedures, firearms, defensive driving and first aid. Several of the deputies received special awards for exemplary performance.

-- Firearms Award - Deputy Matthew S. Pleisse
-- Scholastic Achievement Award - Deputy Philip A. Lance
-- Emergency Vehicle Operations Award - Blaine R. Gaskill
-- Steve Allen Memorial Award - Timothy Wesner

The deputies will now begin an extensive field training program with a seasoned deputy. Congratulations Deputies and welcome to the law enforcement profession.

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