St. Mary's County has a central landfill and several convenience centers that are located throughout the county. The convenience centers are intended for homeowners to drop off their household trash and materials to be recycled. There is no charge for county residents.

Commercial haulers and homeowners who need to dispose of larger items such as tires, old appliances, brush, and constructions materials need to go to the main St. Andrew's landfill. There is a charge for all vehicles. Hazardous materials are also collected on certain dates throughout the year. Call the main landfill for information on the next collection date.

The St. Andrew's landfill also offers free mulch. Bring a shovel or pitchfork so that you can load your vehicle. We suggest that you call the landfill first to make sure that they have mulch available.

Recycling and solid waste in St. Mary's county is managed by the Department of Public Works and Transportation. Information on Recycling Programs that are available in the county can be found here.

You can search our News section for the latest news regarding landfill hours, fees, and policy changes.