A Broken Silence in Vietnam: Stories from the Vietnam War
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Excerpt from A Broken Silence:

"I liked my job as door gunner. I always liked helping the ground troops. It made us feel mighty good to help those poor souls. We delivered food, cold beer, ice, and re-supplied their ammunition when they got low. If we could get to the wounded before the medevac, we did that, too. We dropped troops into landing zones (LZs) and re-supplied fire bases. We dropped flares for the ground troops at night. We dropped propaganda leaflets on a massive scale to encourage the enemy to surrender. Once we dropped a sling of ice cream on a hilltop post. We also brought what all soldiers wanted most--mail from home. Helicopters were their link to the world and survival, and it made us feel good to know that we were so appreciated. They thought we were angels."

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