Titles of the Wrong Kind
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How does a child feel when practically raised by his grandparents, blessed with the trait of slow learning and branded a retard?

This nearly nameless child, Timothy Wellington would grow to know his grandparents to be his real parents over time and would experience a grade repeat due to his inability to take tests and perform satisfactory on in-class work. Throughout Timothy's challenged youth, he would be forced to embrace a new religion only later to be brought back to his original religion with an iron fist. He would also suffer a lack of friendships, bullies, teasing and finally the ultimate humiliation brought around by one of his own teachers that would spark the battle between the kid, the state and the special education department. Based on a true story, this work of fiction is guaranteed to captivate your interest and shed new light into the eyes of parents and administrators alike about how the "system" can practically alter the life of one child who only wanted to be free.

This book is simply a must have for anyone interested, associated with or attached to the special education system.

About the Author:

Robert Blevins spent a good portion of his life in the special education system as a "mainstreamed" student. Through his experiences along with many other individuals who were also in the special education system he interviewed, a new account from the student's prospective was able to take life.

Robert Blevins spent nearly his entire childhood growing up in St. Mary's County. Upon the completion of his high school career at Great Mills High School in Great Mills Maryland, he attended Frostburg State University in Frostburg Maryland where he earned a B.S. in Philosophy with a minor in Accounting; Robert currently works for a local defense contractor.
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