Memories of Sotterley
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"It's one thing to know and appreciate the historical background and significance of Sotterley. It's another to populate it with real people who worked and sweated and lived and died as a family... [Memories of Sotterley is] more than a story about the Knott family. It's the story of Sotterley's families..." --Gwyneth J. Saunders, The Enterprise, Southern Maryland Weekend Section.

Memories of Sotterley, written by Richard Knott and his grandson Shawn Knott, is a rare collection of history and personal stories regarding Sotterley Plantation, from one who lived and worked there. Memories of Sotterley takes the reader back in time documenting the families that worked the farm, building construction of houses, barns and buildings at Sotterley through the 20th century from a personal perspective. It also covers Sotterley ownership, the workers that made it all happen, and much more. Loaded with rare photographs and stories, Memories of Sotterley offers a one-of-a-kind perspective of Sotterley that no other publication has ever done.

Richard Knott's life, begun in the Knott House at Sotterley, qualifies him as one of the most reliable sources regarding the Plantation during the 20th century. The Knott family, which served at Sotterley for nearly 100 years, enjoys a proud history both participating in and witnessing many of the Plantation's significant moments. For fifty years (1910-1960), the late Charles H. Knott, Sr. served as farm manager at Sotterley. Three of Mr. Knott's sons, Herbert, Edward and Richard, were born and raised during his employment there and followed in their father's footsteps, working much of their lives in various roles at Sotterley.

Gwyneth J. Saunders of The Enterprise said in the Southern Maryland Weekend Section, "There are sources of historical information about Sotterley Plantation in St. Mary's County, but none give such a familiar feel as Memories of Sotterley" and "a warm recollection of good times and people from all walks of life who made the times so good."

Information about Sotterley Plantation: Older than Mount Vernon, older than Monticello, older than the nation itself, Sotterley Plantation stands majestically on the banks of the Patuxent River in St. Mary's County, Maryland. It is the only remaining Tidewater Plantation in Maryland that is open to the public with a full range of visitor activities and educational programs. Sotterley's significant architecture features early 18th century mansion, a rare slave cabin and a full array of outbuildings set amidst approximately 100 acres of rolling fields, gardens and riverfront. Sotterley was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2000. (Used by permission, Sotterley Foundation)

Availability: Memories of Sotterley is available at various locations including Bay Books, Wildewood Shopping Center, California, MD; Apple Basket, Mechanicsville, MD; Bowes Books, Great Mills, MD; and the Calvert Marine Museum, Solomon's, MD.

About the Authors: Richard Knott was born and raised in the Knott House on historic Sotterley Plantation in St. Mary's County, Maryland. His family has spent nearly one hundred years working at Sotterley, where he continues to work even today, continuing a tradition his father, Charles H. Knott Sr. started back in 1910. Richard currently lives with his wife, Virginia, on his farm in Hollywood, MD.

Shawn Knott, grandson of Richard and Virginia Knott, graduated from the University of Maryland in 1992 with a B.A. in Sociology. After graduation Shawn spent time pitching for the Baltimore Orioles professional baseball organization. He currently resides with his wife, Susan and daughter Bridget in Hollywood, MD.
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