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Buy Crab Cakes Online
The Crab Place mixes exactly the right spices with the finest crab to produce a crab cake with exquisite flavor. They gently blend a few simple ingredients into their sweet, tender crabmeat and then shape the mixture into patties or balls. Both are homemade from all lump Maryland blue crab meat, delivered to your door individually wrapped, frozen, and ready for your frying pan. Click here to buy them individually, or in packages of 6 or 12.

Buy Crab Meat Online
The Crab Place sells five different types of crabmeat: premium Jumbo lump, delicious Backfin lump, delicate Special, flavorful claw meat, and legendary Smith Island Deluxe picked locally by Smith Island watermen's wives. Their handpicked Maryland blue crab meat is shipped overnight for absolute freshness. Their pasteurized crabmeat comes in hermetically sealed cans. Click here to order your crabmeat fresh or pasteurized.

Buy Hard Crabs Online
The Crab Place ships the freshest Maryland blue crabs available. If your mouth waters at the sight of fiery orange crustaceans piled high on a table spread with newspaper, then you have to check out this Web site. You can order crabs already steamed and seasoned to spicy perfection, or get them live to prepare according to your own family recipe. Click here to start your crab feast now.

Buy Soft Shell Crabs Online
The Crab Place sells soft shell crabs! Maryland blue crab in its soft shell phase is a true culinary delicacy. Soft crab lovers will appreciate that The Crab Place cleans them, freezes them and ships them ready for the frying pan. Perfect for when that salty sweet, tender crispy soft crab craving hits. Click here to order your soft shell crabs now.

Buy Crab Legs Online
The Crab Place sells King Crab legs and Snow Crab legs by the pound. Imagine the incomparable flavor of succulent crab leg meat dripping with hot melted butter! Crab legs are equally at home as appetizers, first courses and main dishes. Click here to buy crab legs for your next seafood occasion.

Buy Fresh Shrimp Online
The Crab Place sells Gulf shrimp by the pound, fresh or frozen, ready for your favorite shrimp recipes. Shrimp have a mild, sweet flavor and a crunchy texture that is quite satisfying whether you like them seasoned and steamed, poached, grilled or sautéed. Use shrimp as an appetizer, serve it in creole, or broil it with butter and garlic for a lobster-like feast. Click here to buy fresh shrimp Online!

Buy Seafood Gifts Online
The Crab Place has seafood gift certificates. What a great idea! Their specials make excellent gifts. Most are on sale for under $100. You can order a gift certificate in any denomination. The Crab Place has exactly the right gift to thrill your seafood-loving friends and family members. What are you waiting for? Click here to send your seafood gift today!

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