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Introducing Trevor Bothwell’s new cookbook: 50 WAYS TO IMPRESS YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S PARENTS ($15.99 Paperback). Your days of dreading going to visit those other parents are all but over! Just put 50 WAYS TO IMPRESS YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S PARENTS to the test, and you’ll soon become the most welcomed guest in the house. And don’t worry if you don’t have a girlfriend — this book is sure to help you impress just about anyone you choose.

50 WAYS TO IMPRESS YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S PARENTS is a cookbook suitable for anybody. It is especially geared toward the inexperienced cook, as the book takes you through the process of Getting Started in the kitchen, leading you through delectable Appetizers, Entrées, and Breakfast recipes that are sure to be a mouth-watering delight. It even includes photos demonstrating Essential Skills, from how to dice an onion to how to zest a lemon. And because this cookbook contains recipes that range in difficulty level from Low to High, even the professional chef will find tasty dishes to add to the repertoire.

One of the best things about 50 WAYS TO IMPRESS YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S PARENTS is that it contains real meals for real people who want to learn how to cook really well without having to spend hundreds of dollars on lessons or supplies. You will also learn everything from how to select valuable kitchen utensils to definitions of all those cooking terms you may have never understood before. All of the ingredients you will need to prepare these dishes can be found at any local grocery store. And perhaps the finest quality of this book is that it not only offers delectable recipes, but it also provides step-by-step directions for how to actually prepare them.

What do you feel like eating right now? From salmon to tuna, cheesesteaks to strip steaks, pork chops to pastas, and quesadillas to kabobs, 50 WAYS TO IMPRESS YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S PARENTS contains recipes that are as varied as the skill level of the cook who can prepare them. Learn how to make vinaigrettes and marinades, broths and sauces, and soups and salads. Get ready to broil, baste, braise, and sauté your way to the taste buds of all your guests!

Whether you’re a novice or a professional cook, 50 WAYS TO IMPRESS YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S PARENTS is a fun and informative cookbook that will have you coming back for more!


Trevor Bothwell is an author, publisher, freelance writer, and a part-time college instructor, among other things, which happens to include his full-time job as a financial analyst. A former elementary school teacher, Trevor teaches English Composition in the evening at the College of Southern Maryland and enjoys using these skills to teach others how to cook. He has experience as a manager in the restaurant business and enjoys strapping on the apron regularly to “cater” to his wife’s every culinary need. Trevor has appeared on Virginia Public Television’s Cooks with Friends and Family and conducts book signings and cooking demonstrations at various bookstores and other venues. He lives in California, Maryland with his wife Amie.

ISBN: 0-9716017-0-4
Full Color cover; photos, 168 Pages
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