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Authors Dawn O'Brien and Rebecca Schenck discovered an exquisite architectural and culinary heritage during their exploration of Maryland. Many of the structures described in this book were built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Some have been private residences; others have functioned as hotels, taverns, or shops.

The food that these restaurants serve is as varied as Maryland's landscape. On the Eastern Shore, fresh seafood reigns as a regional specialty. Crab Cakes, Seafood Bisque, and Oysters a la Gino are just a few of the delicious dishes featured in restaurants near Chesapeake Bay.

But seafood is only the beginning of this mouth-watering excursion. The exciting and varied cuisines of France, Germany, Italy, and America flourish in restaurants from the Eastern Shore to the Appalachian region.

The authors' descriptions of decor, history, atmosphere, and cuisine illuminate the spirit and flavor of each of the fifty restaurants presented. Whether you are seeking a restaurant for a special celebration, a romantic interlude, or a rustic getaway, this book will lead you to a place in harmony with your mood and budget.

In addition to enriching your travels through Maryland, the book will inspire you to create your own culinary masterpieces at home. More than 130 of the restaurants' most delicious recipes are included here, carefully tested and edited by the authors for the domestic kitchen. Step-by-step instructions will show you the way to a most memorable dining experience.

About the Authors:

Dawn O'Brien has written or co-authored several books in John F. Blair's Historic Restaurant and Their Recipes™ Series. She was inspired to undertake Maryland's Historic Restaurants by her three great loves--history, travel, and fine food. She holds a master's degree in communications from Wake Forest University.

Rebecca Schenck is a graduate of, and a former instructor at, Queens College and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She holds a master's degree in English and is a past president of the Charlotte Writers Club. She works with her husband, Gordon, in his business of architectural photography. Sharing an interest in food, Schenck and her husband have a restaurant stove in their kitchen and enjoy searching for good restaurants in their travels throughout the United States.

About the Book:

Maryland's Historic Restaurants and Their Recipes retails for $15.95. This hardcover title features 206 pages, black-and-white drawings, and an index. The ISBN is 0-89587-137-8. It is 6" x 9".
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