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The St. Mary’s County Ethics Commission is composed of five members and one alternate selected by the Board of County Commissioners. The Ethics Ordinance was enacted in recognition that our system of representative government is dependent in large measure on the people have confidence and trust in their public officials and employees. The purpose of the Ethics Ordinance is to assure the impartiality and independent judgment of public officials and employees and to maintain confidence and trust in the conduct of St. Mary's County business. Improper influence or the appearance of improper influence can erode that confidence and trust. This Commission is responsible for interpreting the St. Mary's County Public Ethics Ordinance and advising those governed by it as to its application. The Ethics Commission also is responsible for hearing and deciding any complaints of violations of the St. Mary's County Public Ethics Ordinance. The Ethics Commission keeps records of all the documents submitted in accordance with the St. Mary's County Public Ethics Ordinance such as financial disclosure statements, complaint forms, lobbying registration forms, and lobbying activity forms. The Ethics Commission is also responsible for conducting information and educational programs, such as this webpage, regarding the implementation of the Public Ethics Ordinance.
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