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Formerly based in Bryantown, now in Waldorf, the council is named for a popular Southern Maryland Physician who was a member of the council now named for him. Dr. Griffin rose within the organization to become the Supreme Physician of the Order, in New Haven, CT.

The Knights meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the American Legion Hall on Route 925 in Waldorf, and on the fourth Tuesday of each month at St. Mary's Church, Bryantown. A fraternal organization of Catholic men, the Knights are a philanthropic organization, raising funds and distributing them to worthy causes, with little fanfare. The Knights are famous for their annual Tootsie Roll sale in October of each year. The Council (#2293) is composed of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree Knights. Third degree knights have achieved full knighthood, but there is a fourth degree, the patriotic degree, which celebrates America.

Dr. John Henry Griffin was the first Faithful Navigator of the St. Thomas Manor Assembly, which is named for the manor house adjoining St. Ignatius Church at Chapel Point in Charles County. Any third degree knight is eligible for fourth degree membership.

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