Johnson, Nancie Anne
Death: Friday, May 03, 2024
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Nancie Anne Schalk Johnson passed away peacefully on May 3, 2024, in her favorite reclining chair and surrounded by family and friends. She was predeceased by her father, Lou Wellington Schalk III, mother, Lorraine Schalk, twin sisters Pamela and Janet Schalk, and stepmother, Doris Schalk. She is survived by her children Monique Wright (husband Craig) and Joel A. Johnson (wife Joanne), brothers Tom (wife Debbie) and Lee Schalk (wife Leslie), stepbrothers Bruce Miller, David Miller, and Lawerence Miller, six grandchildren, nephews, and many friends.

Nancie was born in 1949 outside of Las Vegas, and grew up in Lancaster, California. From an early age she demonstrated strong intellect, leadership, and athleticism. She also had an innate curiosity that would sometimes get her in trouble, as when she drove the family car with three-year old brother Tom into the side of the house…she was five at the time. In her defense, Lou had left the keys in the vehicle. Nancie was a cheerleader, and President of her class at Antelope Valley High.

Following high school, Nancie graduated from UC Berkley, during Vietnam demonstrations not that dissimilar from today's activities. She received her master's degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and started her career in the foreign service with a posting in Bolivia. She married Joel L. Johnson and proceeded to work at Conoco, followed by Dupont on the acquisition of Conoco. She ultimately became Vice President of government affairs for Dupont, shuttling back and forth between DC and Wilmington, Delaware. During that time she also completed an executive degree from George Washington University.

For those who knew Nancie, her personality was a force of nature and she could be the life of the party, whether on a ski slope, cooking her gourmet meals for family and friends or, more recently, at her favorite Southern Maryland view at Clark's. She became a second mom to Monique and Joel Anthony, providing them guidance and support throughout their formative years and adulthood. Nancie never minced words and had a passion for all forms of art, be it music, ballet, paintings or sculptures.

After living in Old Town Alexandria for forty years, Nancie spent the past several years residing across Nats Creek from Monique's house in Southern Maryland. She was happiest with her grandchildren, Ali, David, Anthony, Luke, Cailyn, and Keira – and a cadre of friends who adopted Nancie as a Southern Marylander. She was also enamored with her feline companion of many years, Mia. In particular, Nancie was very fortunate to live so close to Monique and Craig as they – along with caretaker Saint Felicia – ensured she was safe and taken care of.

Monique and Joel Anthony are making arrangements and, consistent with Nancie's wishes, will plan a memorial activity commensurate to her vibrant personality. Until then, in lieu of flowers, a simple request that would make Nancie happy: grab a beverage, belt out a Day-O to Belafonte's Banana Boat song, and raise a glass to honor one of the most generous, fun-loving, and kindhearted people you could meet.
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