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Calvert Co. Public Schools Equity Policy Update

CITY, Md. (Sept. 20, 2017)—Sandy Walker, Supervisor of Equity and School Improvement, presented an update on the Calvert County Public Schools Equity Policy at the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, September 14.

Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent, said, "Mr. Walker has done a great job with the equity mission in just one year."

The Board of Education passed Policy #1015 Regarding Equity in March of 2016. This policy called for the development and implementation of a District Equity Plan.

The school system is currently in the latter phase of Stage 1 of the three-stage Equity Plan. Each stage does not, however, correspond to a year. "It's a continuum," said Mr. Walker, "with schools and the district engaging in activities that address their unique circumstances and priorities. We must teach equity; we cannot preach equity. We must facilitate the journey of learning for those who are ready, those who are not ready, and for those who are reluctant."

Ensuring equity is also a priority in the district's Strategic Plan that was approved by the Board on September 14. The Strategic Plan calls for the district to:

• Provide equitable learning opportunities to all students;

• Promote a culturally responsive workforce; and

• Promote equitable allocation of resources.

Work thus far has focused on initiatives of the District Equity Leadership Team (DELT) and school-based equity teams, collaboration with the Department of Human Resources to recruit and hire a diverse workforce, and partnerships with interfaith and community action groups. Some of the most exciting activities have involved students, including the "Go to School, Go to College" program, held in conjunction with the Sigma Alpha Lamda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha; the annual teen summit; and collaboration with Minority Scholars Clubs in schools.

A major professional development initiative this year is "The Big Read," which is an opportunity for every staff member to participate in a single book study focused on unleashing the will to succeed in all students.

The Strategic Plan is available on the school system website at

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