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Chas. Co. State's Attorney Hosts Opioid Abuse Awareness Event

LA PLATA, Md. (Sept. 19, 2017)—On September 16, Tony Covington, State's Attorney for Charles County hosted an Opioid Abuse Awareness fundraising event at the Southern Maryland Blue Crab's game. As part of the event, the State's Attorney's Office, in partnership with Charles County Emergency Medical Services, had an opioid drop-off center for community members to drop off their unwanted and unneeded prescription medications, as well as receive educational resources to combat opioid abuse.

Over 200 students attending the event received a free Under Armour book bag from the State's Attorney's Office. Students also received Chick-fil-A La Plata cards for free meals. Both adults and youth received wristbands to raise awareness about opioid abuse, as well as brochures with more information about opioid abuse, prevention and treatment. During the event, over 75 students signed a pledge to make good decisions and stay away from drugs and alcohol—9 of the children walked the field with State's Attorney Covington as he addressed the Regency Furniture Stadium crowd about opioid abuse.

Proceeds from the tickets purchased through the fundraiser will be donated to a drug addictions treatment program.

Covington commented on the evening saying "This was a great event for our community. We were able to reach a number of people—especially kids—and let them know this opioid abuse really is an epidemic. Thousands are dying. That isn't exaggerated hype—it is real. I hope parents understand the need to educate their kids that painkillers, even though prescribed by a doctor, are still dangerous and can lead to deadly consequences. Also, I can't say enough about G.S. Proctor and Associates, Terrence Byrd of Under Armour, Chick-fil-A La Plata, Charles County Emergency Medical Services and, of course, the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs for their great support of this important community awareness event."

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