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Flat Tops Land May Become Art Park

County Times Newspapers

HOLLYWOOD, Md.—The county's Community Development Corporation, which can undertake development projects for the benefit of neighborhoods, is debating how they might establish an art-themed park in the old Flat Tops neighborhood that has long since been vacated in Lexington Park.

Viki Volk, the director of the development corporation, said the object is to find ways to make the vacant land, which once served as a post World War II housing project, more attractive for art-themed events.

"We're not talking about massive change," Volk said. "We're talking about making it more attractive."

She said leveraging the assets already there, such as the cherry blossom trees, was one way to help increase interest in the property for art exhibitions and other activities.

"They still bloom every year and it's a lot closer than [Washington] D.C.," Volk said. "They just need some more care and attention."

A permanent art gallery like the one found at Anne Marie Gardens in Calvert County was not an option at this point, Volk said.

The Commissioners of St. Mary's County have already signaled to the state that they were going to keep the property, all 84 acres, as open space.

There have been several attempts in the past to have commercial projects begin there with no success and its close proximity to Patuxent River Naval Air Station makes development there nearly impossible due to restrictions regarding having too many people close to air operations.

Back in 2004 the county government purchased the land for more than $6 million and relocated about 125 families.

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