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Owners of South County Deli Want to Expand

Concept design for the renovation of the St. James Deli in Lexington Park. Concept design for the renovation of the St. James Deli in Lexington Park.

HOLLYWOOD, Md.—For years the St. James Deli has been a way station for residents and tourists alike to South County and the owners say that now is the time for the historic building to expand.

Recently the owners, David and Sherry Thompson, had to close down part of the building, what used to be a popular pub, due to a lack of business.

But now that business is improving, they want to go back into that portion of the building to expand their food service business short of being an actual restaurant.

"We have outgrown our footprint," David Thompson said. "We've had to turn business away."

Aside from moving back into disused space, the owners want to make a 1,700-square foot expansion of the building to increase its storage and refrigeration space.

"We won't have a bar but we are applying for an on-site liquor consumption license," he said.

Currently St. James Deli only has an offsite sales license.

"We're essentially doubling our size," David Thompson said.

The business is set for an initial meeting with county planning staff, the technical evaluation committee, Sept. 15.

Because of its inclusion on an inventory of historical buildings in the county it may be subject to some conditions for approval of the expansion, said Bob Bowles, a senior county planner.

"They're not tearing it down, so that's good," Bowles said. "Any building 50 years or older goes on the inventory."

The expansion of the store will be part of an overall renovation of the establishment which will completely change its appearance, David Thompson said.

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