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Updating General Assembly races

By Staff of MarylandReporter.com

Our eighth monthly roundup of candidates for General Assembly is hopefully complete through the June 24 primary. The Feb. 25 filing deadline has passed, as has the Feb. 27 withdrawal deadline, and the March 4 deadline for the major parties to fill open ballot positions when no one has filed.

As we did last month, we include campaign fundraising totals from 2013 filed with the State Board of Elections in January. The next campaign finance reports are due April 15.

We have tried to list every candidate who has filed or filed and withdrawn. We have added figures for Cash on hand, amount Raised in 2013, and Loans or Debts when significant.

Each district is listed by county and, in most cases, incumbents (in parentheses) with their status.

The districts reflect new district lines, which have placed some incumbents into a different district. Each legislative district has one senator and three delegates, often split into subdistricts of one or two delegates. Many of the subdistricts were changed in the last redistricting, and voters are often finding out about this for the first time.

Note: the following summaries apply only to districts in southern Maryland. For the entire Maryland-wide report, please go here.

Southern Maryland General Assembly candidates by district

District 27: Charles, Calvert (Miller filed)

Sen. Mike Miller (Cash: $644,637; Raised $252,098) Challenging is Republican Jesse Peed.

District 27A: One delegate, Charles, Calvert (Proctor filed)

Democratic Del. James E. Proctor Jr. (Cash: $10,308; Raised: $7,450) Challenger is Joe Crawford (Cash: $201; Raised: $0).

District 27B: One delegate, Calvert, Prince George’s; open seat.

Michael Jackson, Democrat, filed in February (filed affidavit of limited campaign contributions and spending). LaRhonda Owens, Democrat (filed affidavit of limited campaign contributions and spending). Jacqueline D. Steele McCall, Democrat (no reports filed). Toni Jarboe-Duley, Republican, (no reports filed). Phil Parenti, Republican (no reports filed).

District 27C: One delegate, Calvert (Fisher filed)

Running for delegate: Del. Mark Fisher (Cash: $26,425; Raised: $19,020; Loans: $129,271), Former Democratic Del. Sue Kullen (Cash: $15,608; Raised: $18,308)

District 28: Three delegates, Charles (Middleton filed, Jameson filed, Murphy running for county commissioners president, Wilson filed)

Sen. Mac Middleton, a Democrat (Cash: $160,036; Raised: $106,385) filed alongside two Republicans, Josh Castle (no reports filed) and Allan Donnelly (no reports filed).

Democratic Dels. Sally Jameson ($43,983; Raised $15,668; Loans -$3,000) and C.T. Wilson (Cash: $22,023; Raised: $22,735; Loans: $4,000; Outstanding bills: $1,074)

Charles County commissioners’ President Candice Quinn Kelly wants to do policy-driven work as a delegate, reports Jeff Newman of Southern Maryland Newspapers. Kelly filed Jan. 27 (Cash: $2,671; Raised: $11,905; Loans: $10,325). Del. Peter Murphy (Cash: $18,451; Raised: $10,556; Loans: $99,500) is running for president of county commissioners.

Democrat John Coller filed Jan. 28 (no reports filed). Edith Patterson, a Democrat, filed Feb. 20 (filed affidavit of limited campaign contributions and spending). Bryantown resident Jim Crawford, a Republican, filed Feb. 25, thebaynet.com reported. (campaign account but no financial information filed).

District 29: St. Mary’s, Calvert (Dyson filed)

Running for Senate: Sen. Roy Dyson (Cash: $48,460; Raised: $22,405) Republican Steve Waugh, a Lusby resident (Cash: $15,472; Raised: $22,369), St. Mary’s County Commissioner Cindy Jones, a Republican (Cash: $5,140; Raised: $7,056). Larry Jarboe, a Republican, filed Feb. 18 (filed affidavit of limited campaign contributions and spending)

District 29A: One delegate, St. Mary’s (Wood retiring)

Delegate: Bryan Barthelme, a Republican (Cash: $5,098; Raised: $15.827; Loans: $15,377) Republican Matt Morgan (Cash: $8,956; Raised $9,777) Republican Tommy McKay filed Feb. 11 (filed affidavit of limited campaign contributions and spending).

Democrat Daniel A.M. Slade, son of former Del. John Slade, has a campaign account but no reports filed yet).

District 29B: One delegate, St. Mary’s (Bohanan filed)

Del. John Bohanan (Cash: $66,397; Raised: $22,400) Retired Air Force officer Deb Rey, a Republican (Cash: $5,102; Raised: $6,733; Loans: $600)

District 29C: One delegate, St. Mary’s, Calvert (O’Donnell filed)

Del. Tony O’Donnell (Cash: $5,287; Raised: $9,570) Democrat Len Zuza filed Feb. 20. (no reports filed).

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