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Veterans Patio World War II Memorial Brick Campaign Is Now Under Way

Public Can Purchase Bricks Memorializing World War II Service Members Now through April 1

The Calvert County Department of General Services is coordinating the annual Veterans Patio Memorial Brick Campaign taking place now through April 1. For a limited time, the public may purchase memorial bricks to be placed at the Veterans Patio, located at the WWII “On Watch” Memorial Statue in Solomons.

The commemorative bricks are available to memorialize those who served the country during World War II. The cost of each memorial brick is $100 and all contributions are tax deductible. Bricks will be installed in the fall of 2014 and purchasers will be notified when they are available for viewing.

An application is available online at To learn more, call Melinda Donnelly at 410-535-1600, ext. 2565.

The World War II “On Watch” memorial statue is an 8-foot-tall bronze statue by Maryland artist Antonio Tobias Mendez commemorating the people and work done at the Solomons Amphibious Training Base during World War II. This, the nation’s first amphibious training facility, was active from 1942 to 1945 and its effect on the area continues to be felt today. The statue was unveiled in August 2007.

Calvert County to Hold Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

March 22 Event Offers Free Waste Disposal for County Residents

The Calvert County Department of Public Works, Division of Solid Waste, is hosting the first household hazardous waste collection day of 2014 on Saturday, March 22, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Mount Hope Community Center, 104 Pushaw Station Road, Sunderland. The event will give Calvert County residents the opportunity to safely dispose of hazardous substances free of charge.

During the collection day, a licensed contractor will collect household hazardous waste for proper disposal. Collection is limited to Calvert County residents only and proof of residency, such as a tax or utility bill or driver’s license, is required. Waste from commercial businesses is prohibited.

This service ensures that Calvert County meets all state and federal requirements with regard to the safe collection of household hazardous waste.

Hazardous waste commonly found in the home includes materials such as oil-based paints, gasoline, gas/oil mix, pool chemicals, solvents, fertilizers, prescription drugs, explosives and other items usually labeled with the words “DANGER,” “TOXIC,” “POISON” or “WARNING.” These items should be separated from regular household trash and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Latex paint, however, is not hazardous and will not be accepted at the event. Latex paint may be thrown out with regular trash once it has dried. Small amounts of latex paint can be left to dry in an open can. Larger amounts can be combined with oil absorbent, kitty litter or paint hardener until it is hard.

County residents may drop off trash and recyclables at customer convenience centers and the Appeal Landfill, including motor oil and oil filters, antifreeze, batteries, electronics, propane tanks, fire extinguishers, cooking oil, cell phones, printer cartridges, textiles and all types of light bulbs.

Hazardous waste collection days are held four times a year in Calvert County – one Saturday in March and September at the Mt. Hope Community Center and one Saturday in June and November at the Appeal Landfill.

For more information, call the Calvert County Department of Public Works, Division of Solid Waste, at 410-326-0210 or visit the Calvert County website at for a full listing of materials accepted.

County Livability Code Protects Tenants

The recent county action to address livability issues at the Hallowing Point Trailer Park in Prince Frederick has heightened awareness about regulations covering the health and safety of residential dwellings.

Calvert County has a Minimum Livability Code in Chapter 75 of the county Code of Ordinances. The livability code was adopted in 1988 and sets minimum property standards for the interior and exterior of structures. Problems that may jeopardize public health and safety, such as leaky roofs, inadequate heating or electrical problems, violate the code and can lead to county enforcement.

However, it is important to note the code only applies to landlord/tenant relationships. Owner-occupied single-family housing units are not covered. Homeowners have some latitude in the upkeep of their homes while property owners and operators bear more responsibility for how they maintain units for their tenants.

The livability code is administered by the Calvert County Department of Community Planning and Building through the Inspections and Permits Division. Tenant reports about livability problems are investigated by county inspectors. This is a key point. Tenants must first report their concerns to the county and specify violations in writing.

Once a complaint is reported, county inspectors may visit the dwelling to investigate it. If livability code violations are discovered, the county can order repairs within a reasonable time frame and issue fines for failure to comply. The tenant can choose to remain in the home while repairs are underway, though more serious violations may result in temporary relocation.

This is the situation that occurred at the Hallowing Point Trailer Park. Along with livability issues, several dwellings had faulty water and sewer service, forcing resident relocations until the problems could be fixed. The Calvert County Health Department, an agent of both the state and county governments, administers regulations related to sewage disposal systems and potable water supplies.

Tenants have protection under the county's Minimum Livability Code and are urged to report conditions they believe may be violations. For more information about the code, call 410-535-2155 or email

New Election System Begins This Year

After the passage of a State Bill during the 2013 legislative session, Calvert County commissioners' elections will be conducted under a new system this year.

The five county commissioners are elected for four-year terms and the elections occur on the same cycle as the gubernatorial race. Each candidate has the choice to file as a representative of the election district in which he or she resides or as an at-large candidate. In previous elections, the top vote-getter from each of the county's three election districts was elected to serve that district, then subsequent vote-getters were elected to the at-large seats.

The deadline to file as a candidate for the Nov. 4 general election is Feb. 25. Candidates may file at the Calvert County Board of Elections, 30 Duke St., Prince Frederick. Voters may register at the same location or at any post office, Social Security Office or the Motor Vehicle Administration. Registration applications must be received three weeks before any election.

The 2014 primary is June 24. Early voting for the primary is June 12-19. Early voting for the Nov. 4 general election is Oct. 23-30.

For more information about elections, candidates and registration, visit the election board online or call 410-535-2214.

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