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Chas. Co. BoE Honors Retirees for Years of Service, Working with Students

LA PLATA, Md.—The Board of Education honored several Charles County Public Schools employees at a June 14 retirement ceremony. Honored were employees who have retired since June 30, 2011, and those who have already announced their retirements at the end of this school year. Retirees are listed below by name, last position held, location, and years of service.

-- Susan Albertson, English teacher, La Plata High School, 36;

-- Kathleen Allen, drama/theatre arts teacher, Westlake High School, 13;

-- Bonnie Armstrong, food service worker, Mary H. Matula Elementary School, 18;

-- Sallie Bankett, special education teacher, Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School, 39;

-- Rosalind Betley, elementary teacher, T.C. Martin Elementary School, 34;

-- Annie Blount, principal, Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy Elementary School, 48;

-- Mary Brace, elementary teacher, Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary School, 39;

-- Virginia Bridges, speech therapist, F.B. Gwynn Educational Center, 42.5;

-- Joseph Brown, vice principal, La Plata, 39;

-- Linda Burney, social studies teacher, Henry E. Lackey High School, 41;

-- Roy Butler, building service manager, Berry Elementary School, 37.5;

-- Joyce Carter, pupil personnel worker, Mary B. Neal Elementary School, 36.5;

-- Stacey Castle, instructional specialist, Jesse L. Starkey Administration Building, 25.5;

-- Nancy Chase, EEEP instructional assistant, Higdon, 33;

-- Marcia Coling, special education teacher, Gwynn, 12;

-- Ronald Cooper, job placement coordinator, Robert D. Stethem Educational Center, 7;

-- Marilou Cooper, Reading Recovery teacher, J.P. Ryon Elementary School, 28.5;

-- Patricia Day, school counselor, Maurice J. McDonough High School, 40;

-- Cheryl DeAtley, Judy Hoyer Educational Center Coordinator, Samuel A. Mudd Elementary School, 10.5;

-- Kimberly Dent, social studies teacher, Westlake, 15;

-- Barbara DeVane, secretary to the principal, C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School, 38;

-- Dorothy DiPoli, media instructional assistant, Thomas Stone High School, 24;

-- Carol Donohue, Latin teacher, Westlake, 33;

-- Jean Earnshaw, executive assistant to the assistant superintendent for supporting services, Starkey, 13.5;

-- Suzanne Edelen, elementary teacher, Walter J. Mitchell Elementary School, 38;

-- Virginia Evey, reading resource teacher, John Hanson Middle School, 31;

-- John Felicitas, administrative assistant, North Point High School, 28;

-- Shirley Foster, language arts teacher, Matthew Henson Middle School, 31;

-- Virginia Fuese, elementary teacher, Brown, 37;

-- Linda Getgen, specialist in transportation, Starkey, 23;

-- Helen Griffith, guidance secretary, Lackey, 25;

-- Sandra Hamke, science teacher, Lackey, 30;

-- Diana Hancock, mathematics teacher, Theodore G. Davis Middle School, 25;

-- Charlene Haynie, social studies teacher, Lackey, 36;

-- Evelyn Holmes, media specialist, Brown, 35;

-- Linda Huff, secretary, J.C. Parks Elementary School, 7.5;

-- Daniel Jenifer, building service worker, General Smallwood Middle School, 31;

-- Roy Jenkins, instrumental music teacher, Mattawoman Middle School, 39;

-- Beverly Johnson, school counselor, Piccowaxen Middle School, 14;

-- Glenn Jones, vice principal, Lackey, 38;

-- Kathleen Joy, instructional specialist, Mt. Hope, 12;

-- Kathryn Keough, vocal music teacher, Martin, 28;

-- Virginia Kleinfelter, language arts teacher, Davis, 22;

-- James Kleyle, English teacher, Lackey, 17;

-- Debra Lantz, mathematics teacher, Milton M. Somers Middle School, 30;

-- Brian Law, coordinating supervisor of maintenance and operations, Starkey, 14.5;

-- Pamela Lightfoot, cooperative vocational education teacher, North Point, 17;

-- Cynthia Lyles, elementary teacher, Brown, 44;

-- Larry Martin, principal, Stone, 42;

-- James McGill, building service worker, Eva Turner Elementary School, 30;

-- Jeritza Montgomery, special education teacher, Stone, 36;

-- Kathleen Morris, vice principal, Henson, 34;

-- Linda Nelson, computer teacher, Mattawoman, 30;

-- Barbara Palko, coordinator for career and technology education, Starkey, 35;

-- Deanna Papageorge, EEEP instructional assistant, Mitchell, 24;

-- Charles Proctor, building service manager, Hanson, 33;

-- Margaret Robinson, Stay program instructional assistant, Gwynn, 6.5;

-- Debra Scoggins, social studies teacher, Stethem, 24;

-- Diane Singman, literacy teacher, Stone, 31;

-- Terri St. Clair, vice principal, McDonough, 33;

-- Claire Satta, English teacher, Lackey, 46;

-- Conchita Stewart, EEEP instructional assistant, Brown, 24;

-- Joan Stup, Reading Recovery teacher, Turner, 37;

-- Virginia Thomas, special education instructional assistant, Lackey, 11;

-- Barbara Thomas, secretary to the principal, Mattawoman, 26;

-- Lila Tribett, special education instructional assistant, Hanson, 10.5;

-- James Washington, Jr., building service assistant manager, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary School, 22;

-- Freda Weirich, media instructional assistant, William B. Wade Elementary School, 44.5;

-- Susan Welch, secretary to the principal, Mt. Hope, 11;

-- Carolyn Wentworth, Reading Recovery teacher, Matula, 31.5;

-- Jacquelyn Williams, reading teacher, Brown, 36;

-- Donna Wolfram, drama/theatre arts teacher, Westlake, 14;

-- Sharon Wood, elementary teacher, Parks, 21.5;

-- Carolyn Wright, elementary teacher, Matula, 36; and

-- Alice Yutzy, art teacher, La Plata, 39.

Source: Charles County Public Schools

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