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La Plata's It's Academic Team Wins at County Competition

LA PLATA, Md. (December 16, 2011)—La Plata High School’s It’s Academic team will participate in the regional televised competition as the first-place winner in the annual Charles County Public Schools competition, held Dec. 7 at Maurice J. McDonough High School.

The three-member team of Captain Alexander Smith, William “Bao” Dinh and Matthew Kamin scored 330 points in the championship round against North Point and Henry E. Lackey high schools to earn the top spot. The school was presented with a $500 scholarship from the Greater Waldorf Jaycees and the team will compete against Gar-Field and Blake high schools on Feb. 4, which will be aired on WRC TV (NBC 4) March 3.

Brittany Paxton is the La Plata team’s alternate and William Coggins, Casie Hall, Melissa Kret, Garrett Lundegard, Mary Mills and Ina Reyes are also members of the La Plata team. Principal is Evelyn Arnold and team coach is Corinne Fox, a science teacher at La Plata.

Placing second in the competition was the North Point High School team, followed by the Lackey High School team in third place. Teams from Thomas Stone, Maurice J. McDonough and Westlake high schools also competed. Each of these schools was presented with a $250 scholarship from the Jaycees.

As the second place winner, the North Point team will also earn a chance to compete in a televised competition on NBC 4 next fall. North Point earned second place in last year’s county event, earning them a chance to compete in a televised game earlier this fall where they received second place.

The five other high school three-member teams were: Lackey – Captain Clarence White, Daniel Nelson and Paul Warren; McDonough – Captain Numa Robertson, Erin Albrecht and Rabbia Hasan; North Point – Captain Gaston Lopez, Alexander Corbin and Keith Nottingham; Thomas Stone – Captain Mia Chase, Raymond Johnson and Kathryne Hedrick; and Westlake – Captain Misha Stone, Summer Sandoval and Justin Artis.

Caleb Bickerstaff is the Lackey team’s alternate and Alex Dunlap, Steven Bode, Maya Thompson, Leah Norris, Christian Warren, Raven Sparks, Charles Campbell and Jolana Watson are also members of Lackey’s team. Principal is James Short and team coach is Don Browder, a social studies teacher at Lackey.

Paige Wearmouth is the McDonough team’s alternate. Completing this team are Hanan Perigrino – Brimah and Adrianne Turner. Principal is Bradley Snow and team coach is Courtney Abell, an English teacher at McDonough.

Noah Gibson is the North Point team’s alternate and Ashlynn Stanley, Joel Rogers, Dalton Steele and Marie Sterba are also members of North Point’s team. Principal is Kim Hill and Peggy DeVeny, a literacy instructional assistant, and Maureen Stewart, a foreign language teacher at North Point, are the team’s coaches.

Robert Jeffrey is the Stone team’s alternate and Phillip Banky, Matthew Trusnovic, Alexys Lewis, Erik Kang, Rachel Pritchett, Alexis Rossetti, Kenneth Milman, Rebecca Olsen, Alaina Wall, Bianca Watson and Dreana Moore are also members of the Stone team. Principal is L.C. Martin and Nancy Jeffrey, foreign language teacher at Stone, is the team’s coach.

Samantha Wood is the Westlake team’s alternate and Taylor Brooks, Brian Linder, Yaffet Meshesha, John Keller, Laura Grantham, Damien Dugan, Mara Flores and Ryan Hook are also members of the Westlake team. Principal is Chrystal Benson and team coach is James Ressler, an English teacher at Westlake.

The Dec. 7 competition will be broadcast on Comcast Channel 96, the school system’s educational television station, and Verizon FiOS Channel 12 later this month. Check the programming schedule at for dates and times.

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