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Town of Leonardtown Receives Gifted 1/2 Acre Property

LEONARDTOWN, Md. (June 15, 2011)—The Commissioners of Leonardtown today announced that they are the recipient of a tract of land consisting of approximately one-half-acre located at the southeast quadrant of the Tudor Hall property where it intersects with Lawrence Avenue and Fenwick Street at the entrance to the proposed Tudor Hall Project. It was formerly the site of the Smith Building which was demolished in 2000. The deed to the property was recorded in the land records of the Saint Mary’s County Courthouse on June 14.

Keith Allston and Andy Colevas, shareholders of Route 5 Corporation, donated the site to the commissioners “in order to assist the Town with its development of public facilities for the benefit of the citizens of Leonardtown and the citizens of St. Mary’s County.”

State tax records and appraisals for this property estimate its value to be $251,000.

“I’m grateful to Mr. Allston and Mr. Colevas,” said Mayor J. Harry Norris in a statement. “This parcel of land is pivotal to the future expansion of Fenwick Street, the development of the Tudor Hall farm, and to the growth of the downtown business district.”

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