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Fall is a Great Time to Plant Trees, Plants, and Shrubs

ANNAPOLIS (Aug. 30, 2010) – September marks the beginning of the fall season, and with the Maryland heat behind us, now is an ideal time to purchase and plant trees, turf grasses, shrubs, bulbs and flowers to enjoy next spring.

“Fall is a great time to plant trees, plants and shrubs and Maryland is fortunate to have some of the best producers of high-quality ornamental plants in the country. Buying locally-grown plants also avoids the risk of bringing pest and disease problems from other states into Maryland,” said Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance. “Every dollar spent on local agricultural products contributes to the economic health of the community, keeps our land in farming, and helps to support a smart, green and growing future for Maryland agriculture”

Fall's cooler temperatures and ample rainfall allow vegetation to establish healthy roots and adapt to your garden's conditions. Roots continue to grow through the winter until the ground freezes. Then, in spring, roots begin new growth or continue to develop at a faster rate, and top growth begins. When summer finally arrives, the fall-planted plant is often better equipped to deal with heat and drought because its roots are better established.

Maryland has many local producers of ornamental plants. In fact, the nursery and greenhouse sector employs more than 18,500 people and delivers nearly $2 billion in economic impact from gross sales according to a 2007 study www.mnlaonline.com/. Visit www.MarylandsBest.net to find local nurseries and other fun fall agri-tourism activities, and www.cphquality.org to find a Certified Professional Horticulturist near you.

Interested in going green? Consider contributing to Maryland's green canopy by planting a shade tree in your backyard. The State of Maryland is partnering with businesses, communities and citizens to help fund and plant new tree cover. Maryland state agencies are working to plant 1 million new trees by 2011. As an extra incentive, Maryland is offering $25 discount coupons for residents to purchase and plant native trees costing $50 or more. www.trees.maryland.gov/pdfs/coupon.pdf.

Source: Maryland Department of Agriculture

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