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St. Mary's Hospital Lifts Visitation Policy Restrictions

LEONARDTOWN, Md. (March 05, 2010)—St. Mary's Hospital has lifted the visitation policy restrictions implemented in early November to minimize the impact of the flu on hospital patients, associates, and physicians. Effective immediately, SMH is returning to its standard visitation policy.

In brief, lifting the restrictions means that the hospital no longer limits visits to only two people per patient at one time. It also allows individuals younger than 18 years of age to visit a patient. If you have questions about the standard visitation policy, please contact a patient care supervisor at 240-434-7137.

SMH took proactive steps to be prepared should the flu became a widespread epidemic. Preparation included pandemic flu drills and a comprehensive plan with a multidisciplinary approach in the event of a surge of patients with flu-like symptoms. That plan included ensuring adequate hospital space, supplies and staff to care for patients. H1N1 (swine) flu vaccines were given to many frontline healthcare workers and hospital associates received the seasonal flu vaccine to stay healthy while treating the needs of local families.

Source: St. Mary's Hospital

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