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Fire Marshal: Keep All Exits Clear of Snow and Ice

Recent Storms Cause Snow Buildup to Block Secondary Exits

PIKESVILLE, Md. (Feb. 18, 2010) - The Office of the State Fire Marshal issued a reminder to building officials and occupants to be sure to keep all exit doors to buildings free of snow and ice buildup. The recent back to back snow storms which hit Maryland with several feet of snow have created a potential safety hazard. In some cases, excessive amounts of snow are blocking alternate means of escape from buildings limiting many buildings to just one entrance or exit.

The need to clear snow from main entrances so occupants can access buildings has caused secondary and other emergency exits to be forgotten. Additionally, the unusually large snowfalls have overwhelmed normally open space creating the added burden of where to put snow so it will not be in the way.

Exits should be cleared at least the width of each exit door and the exit path should lead to the nearest public way. Anyone finding blocked exits should notify building management immediately.

Source: Office of the State Fire Marshal

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