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Troopers Urge Motorists to Stay Off Roads, Pedestrians also at Risk

PIKESVILLE, Md. (Feb. 10, 2010) – State troopers are urging motorists to stay off the roads across Maryland until this next storm is over for safety reasons and to allow road crews to be able to do their jobs effectively.

Colonel Terrence B. Sheridan, Superintendent of the Maryland State Police, has again deployed additional troopers throughout the state. The extra troopers are those not normally assigned to road patrol duties, but who have been reassigned since the first storm began last Friday.

Troopers are again patrolling in four-wheel drive vehicles. Those vehicles are either from the State Police fleet, or from the Maryland Natural Resources Police and the Maryland National Guard. Troopers are again teaming up with members of the National Guard in humvees that are assigned where needed throughout the state.

Troopers also have a warning for motorists who go out despite the warnings and become disabled. Motorists who abandon their vehicles and begin walking are in danger of being struck by other drivers who cannot see them and are in danger of becoming disoriented and lost in the blinding snow. It is very easy to lose your sense of direction when walking in white-out conditions that are being generated throughout the state.

State Police continue to work with State Highway Administration and Maryland Emergency Management Agency personnel at their operation centers to help coordinate state agency response. Most of the incidents troopers are responding to involve disabled vehicles, minor collisions, and jackknifed tractor trailers.

Motorists are reminded that if they abandon their vehicles on an interstate or state highway, their automobile will be towed by State Police. Vehicles need to be moved so they do not inhibit snow removal efforts.

Source: MSP HQ

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