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Man in Arrow Shooting Case Pleads to Reckless Endangerment

By Guy Leonard, County Times

LEONARDTOWN, Md.—Prosecutors dropped attempted murder and first-degree assault charges against a Lexington Park man who had been accused of shooting an arrow into the back of a woman as she walked down Great Mills Road last year.

Luis Roberto Fuentes-Diaz, 45, pleaded guilty Dec. 30 to reckless endangerment in the case and received just 45 days in jail but was given credit for time already served.

Investigators said at the time of the incident, Jan. 19 of last year, that a heavy jacket victim Natahsa Kelly, 23, was wearing likely stopped the arrow from penetrating further into her back.

Emergency medical personnel as well as police responding to the scene that morning found Kelly lying on the road with the arrow protruding from her back.

Charging documents stated that the arrow was fired from somewhere on Great Mills Lane.

Investigators went to Fuentes-Diaz’s residence to conduct a search for evidence, charging documents state, and were allowed into his residence by Fuentes-Diaz’s consent.

Investigators had come by information that Fuentes-Diaz was in possession of a compound bow and found just such a weapon in his home, charging documents stated.

The arrows were of the same color and brand as the one found in the victim and the bow was outside its case and easily accessible, charging documents read.

Detectives learned that Fuentes-Diaz knew the victim and had called 911 several times in the past to report that Kelly had been fighting and arguing in the street.

Kelly’s twin sister also apparently owed Fuentes-Diaz money in the amount of $100, charging documents stated.

Investigators conducted more search warrants and gathered more unspecified evidence in the case, according to charging documents, and they also took statements from Fuentes-Diaz that contradicted those of the victim and two witnesses to the alleged attack.

Investigators further found that the victim was within the range of a compound bow and that the wound on the victim was consistent with arrow being fired from Fuentes-Diaz’s yard, charging documents state.

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