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St. Mary's County Sheriff's Reports

LEONARDTOWN, Md. (Jan. 12, 2009) - The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office today released the following incident and arrest reports.

ASSAULT, RESISTING ARREST: On January 10, 2009 Deputies responded to a domestic dispute in California. Investigation revealed Sherry Myong Hadden, 27, of California, and the victim were in a verbal dispute which turned physical when Ms. Hadden scratched the victim in the face. Corporal Handy attempted to speak with Ms. Hadden but she pushed Corporal Handy in the chest. Corporal Handy then attempted place Ms. Hadden under arrest but she actively resisted Corporal Handy's attempts to handcuff her. Heather Lee Oquendo, 32, of Great Mills, jumped on Corporal Handy's back and attempted to prevent him from placing Sherry Hadden under arrest. Sherry Myong Hadden was arrested and charged with two counts of second degree assault and resisting arrest. Heather Oquendo was arrested for 2nd degree assault and hindering a police officer in the performance of his duties.

SECOND DEGREE ASSAULT: On January 10, 2009 Deputies responded to a check the welfare call in Lexington Park. Investigation revealed Trevor Anthony Welcome, 42, of Lexington Park, was in a verbal dispute with the victim. The verbal dispute became physical when Mr. Welcome struck the victim in the mouth. Mr. Welcome was arrested for second degree assault.

ASSAULT, RESISTING ARREST: On January 11, 2009 Deputies responded to a residence in Lexington Park for a check the welfare call. Upon arrival deputies hear loud noises and yelling coming from inside of the house. Concerned for the safety of those inside the residence, deputies entered the residence through an unlocked door. Once inside of the residence Brenda Lee Tippett, 35, of Lexington Park, approached the deputies in an aggressive manner and attempted to grab Corporal J. Logalbo. Corporal Logalbo grabbed Ms. Tippett's arm and a struggle ensued. Corporal Logalbo told Ms. Tippett she was under arrest and order Ms. Tippett to stop resisting. Ms. Tippett continued to resist by trying to swing her arms and trying to kick Corporal Logalbo. Ms. Tippet was subdued and charged with second degree assault and resisting arrest.

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