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St. Mary's County Sheriff's Reports

LEONARDTOWN, Md. (Dec. 18, 2009) - The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office recently released the following incident and arrest reports.

TRESPASSING: On June 16, Rose Marie Briscoe, 48 of Lexington Park, was served with a notice not to trespass on the property of Millison Plaza in Lexington Park. On December 16, Cpl. J. Molitor observed Briscoe on the Millison property. Cpl. Molitor confirmed the trespassing notice was still in effect. Briscoe was arrested for trespassing.

SECOND DEGREE CHILD ABUSE: On December 15, deputies responded to a residence Lexwood Court in Lexington Park for a report of a fight involving weapons. It was discovered during the course of investigating the fight that two juveniles, age 1- and 2-years-old, had been locked into a room of the apartment and were sleeping on the floor without proper clothing or supervision. The residence was unsanitary and littered with empty alcoholic beverage containers. The custodial adult, April Dawn Sprouse, 21 of Lexington Park, was not at the residence. Sprouse was located, arrested, and charged with two counts of second degree child abuse.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: On December 16, Deputy First Class Watters responded to Richard Circle in Mechanicsville for a report of a disturbance. When Dfc. Watters arrived at the residence he was met by Christopher Try Lyons, 37 of Mechanicsville, who was standing in the front yard yelling and cursing. Dfc. Watters asked Lyons to calm down and stop yelling. Lyons refused and his disorderly behavior drew the attention of neighbors. Lyons was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct.

ATTEMPTING TO DEFRAUD DRUG SCREENING EXAMINATION: On December 16, Dfc. Watters responded to the Office of Parole and Probation in Leonardtown to a report of attempting to defraud a urinalysis examination. Investigation revealed Joseph Michael Burkhard, 3rd, 27 of Mechanicsville, , who is court ordered to submit to urinalysis examinations, attempted to conceal a bottle of urine in his waistband as he entered the District Court building. The District Court building houses the offices of parole and probation where Burkhard was destined to submit to a urine analysis. Further investigation revealed it was Burkhard's intent to substitute the concealed urine for his own in an attempt to defraud the examination. Burkhard was arrested and charged with attempting to defraud a drug screening examination.

THEFT: On July 17, Fredy Herman Eatmon II, 44 of Dameron, was issued a notice not to trespass on the property of the K-Mart Store in California. On December 17, the loss prevention officer for K-Mart observed Eatmon enter the store, remove items from the shelves and place them into his jacket pocket. Eatmon walked past all points of purchase and attempted to exit the store when he was stopped and detained by the officer. Cpl. J. Logalbo responded to the K-Mart, reviewed the thefts recorded on the in store video surveillance system, and arrested and charged Eatmon with trespassing and theft.

VIOLATION OF PROTECTIVE ORDER, 1ST DEGREE ASSAULT: On August 20, Martin NMN Bray IV, 35 of no fixed address, was served with a final protective order. The protective order ordered Bray not to enter the residence of the petitioner. On December 17, Bray violated the protective order and entered the residence. While inside, Bray removed a shotgun and left the residence. Bray then went to a second residence on Point Lookout Road in Lexington Park and began banging on the door yelling for the victim to come out. A witness saw Bray pointing a shotgun at the door as he was banging on it and called the police. Bray fled in a blue minivan. A lookout was dispatched and Dfc. Charles Dodson stopped the van in the area of There Notch Road and Leachburg Road. Bray was arrested and charged with the following: theft, 1st degree assault, second degree assault, reckless endangerment, possession of a firearm in violation of a protective order, and violation of a protective order.

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