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DUI Arrests in Calvert County

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. (June 4, 2009) - The Calvert County Sheriff's Office today released the following list of DWI/DUI arrests made during April and May 2009.

REINTZEL, JOSEPH, age 63, arrested on 31-May 1:24A by Officer WELLS

MOSCATI, GREGORY, age 19, arrested on 31-May 4:34A by Officer WELLS

TURNER, SHANNON, age 25, arrested on 31-May 3:42A by Officer MOSCHETTO

WALLACE, DERVON, age 24, arrested on 31-May 2:59A by Officer BURGGRAFF

TUTWILER, BRANDI, age 29, arrested on 30-May 8:22P by Officer ELLIOTT, JEFF

MANGUM, AMANDA, age 24, arrested on 30-May 2:46A by Officer ROBSHAW

VANNOSTRAND, STUART, age 31, arrested on 27-May 10:12P by Officer HARMS

SIMMS, RYDELL, age 43, arrested on 27-May 12:57A by Officer DEAN

KUSEL, DENISE, age 51, arrested on 26-May 10:03P by Officer WOODFORD

SOCHER, CHRISTOPHER, age 26, arrested on 24-May 1:30A by Officer CHILDRESS

GANTT, DELVON, age 29, arrested on 24-May 10:38P by Officer LOCKE

COKER, DANIEL, age 39, arrested on 24-May 1:51A by Officer WILSON

BANTON, HEATHER, age 26, arrested on 23-May 10:51P by Officer MCDONOUGH, C.

PUCKETT, GARY, age 48, arrested on 23-May 7:55P by Officer MITCHELL

SMITH, JOHN, age 22, arrested on 23-May 3:41A by Officer LOCKE

VAUGHN, WILSON, age 62, arrested on 23-May 11:11P by Officer CHILDRESS

BAKER, SHANNON, age 26, arrested on 22-May 10:52P by Officer WINDSOR

ATKINS, NATHANIEL, age 49, arrested on 22-May 12:55A by Officer FISCHER

JOSEPH, ANTHONY, age 62, arrested on 21-May 7:17P by Officer LITTERAL

BLANKENSHIP, CRYSTAL, age 19, arrested on 21-May 1:27A by Officer HARMS

JOSEPHE, MELISSA, age 21, arrested on 20-May 4:12P by Officer WOOD

GANTT, COREY, age 37, arrested on 19-May 1:33A by Officer KREPS

MACKALL, RONNIE, age 48, arrested on 18-May 8:15P by Officer MOSCHETTO

SWANN, RICHARD, age 39, arrested on 18-May 8:21P by Officer WAHLGREN

DUNPHY, CONNI JO, age 46, arrested on 17-May 12:32A by Officer DENTON

LYNN, JOSEPH, age 32, arrested on 17-May 11:31P by Officer HALL

LEONARD, JACK, age 27, arrested on 17-May 1:03A by Officer WINSTON

QUINTERO, CARLOS, age 45, arrested on 16-May 4:10A by Officer LAWTON

BUSH, ROBERT, age 48, arrested on 16-May 11:34P by Officer HALL

GRAY, CELESTE, age 55, arrested on 16-May 2:34A by Officer WILSON

DENNISON, CRAIG, age 24, arrested on 16-May 1:34A by Officer FITZGERALD

BLANKENSHIP, MATTHEW, age 25, arrested on 15-May 10:00P by Officer WALDRON

MAY, CLINT, age 21, arrested on 13-May 1:38A by Officer WOOD

JONES, WESLEY Jr., age 57, arrested on 13-May 1:50P by Officer JOHNSON, C.

MURNAHAN, JAMES R., age 55, arrested on 12-May 11:45P by Officer WAHLGREN

SCHRIVER, JOSHUA, age 28, arrested on 11-May 11:58P by Officer MOSCHETTO

MITCHELL, BARBARA, age 44, arrested on 11-May 8:52P by Officer BORTCHEVSKY

LUPPINO, MELISSA, age 43, arrested on 10-May 1:40P by Officer WILSON

ALLEN, JOSEPH, age 18, arrested on 10-May 4:06A by Officer ROBSHAW

REEVES, ALLEN, age 18, arrested on 10-May 6:10P by Officer BORTCHEVSKY

HOELMAN, WALTER, age 77, arrested on 9-May 10:30P by Officer SHRAWDER

SHARPS, NORMAN, age 45, arrested on 8-May 10:28P by Officer KREPS

SCOTT, RONALD, Jr., age 21, arrested on 8-May 2:43A by Officer WALDRON

POUNCEY, JAMES, age 31, arrested on 8-May 12:34A by Officer FITZGERALD

HARRIS, LINDSY, age 18, arrested on 8-May 1:20A by Officer BELL

HINES, KRISTOPHER, age 21, arrested on 7-May 7:49P by Officer GRAY

BARNETT, TREVIN, age 22, arrested on 6-May 4:43P by Officer BOMGARDNER

PARLETT, JOHN, age 35, arrested on 3-May 5:36P by Officer LAWTON

WILKERSON, SHEEROD, age 22, arrested on 3-May 4:44A by Officer HARDESTY

GALLAGHER, ANDREW, age 21, arrested on 3-May 2:22A by Officer LOCKE

BRUCE, JOSHUA, age 22, arrested on 3-May 2:33A by Officer UMPHREY

TROTTER, CHRISTINA, age 31, arrested on 2-May 11:30A by Officer TRAAS

MCDONALD, DEBRA, age 51, arrested on 2-May 3:40P by Officer LAWTON

NELSON, COLETTE, age 44, arrested on 2-May 11:48P by Officer UMPHREY

JARVI, EVELYN, age 48, arrested on 2-May 6:22P by Officer WINSTON

LUNN, RAYNARD, age 49, arrested on 2-May 6:09P by Officer NORTON

HICKS, CARROLL, age 35, arrested on 1-May 1:22A by Officer HARMS

WITTEN, MICHAEL, age 33, arrested on 30-Apr 1:21P by Officer DEAN

HOUSER, BRIAN, age 31, arrested on 26-Apr 9:41P by Officer SHRAWDER

DAWKINS, TROY, age 37, arrested on 26-Apr 3:01A by Officer WINSTON

CARTER-FROST, CAMERON, age 20, arrested on 25-Apr 2:50A by Officer NORTON

WILKERSON, RHONDA, age 31, arrested on 25-Apr 11:32P by Officer DENTON

JOLLY, ANTHONY, age 54, arrested on 25-Apr 1:26A by Officer LITTERAL

PARSON, JOSEPH, age 29, arrested on 25-Apr 8:03P by Officer SHRAWDER

MACKEY, ROBERT, Jr., age 21, arrested on 25-Apr 3:07A by Officer WINSTON

JAVAID, RIZWAN, age 29, arrested on 24-Apr 12:28A by Officer MORGAN

FENZAU, KAREN, age 35, arrested on 24-Apr 1:41A by Officer LORD

DEFFINBAUGH, ROBERT, age 44, arrested on 22-Apr 5:51A by Officer BURGGRAFF

THOMPSON, CHARLES, age 22, arrested on 22-Apr 7:49P by Officer UMPHREY

ELMORE, RICKI, Jr., age 20, arrested on 21-Apr 11:13P by Officer RICKARD

ROSE, PAUL, Jr., age 47, arrested on 18-Apr 10:18P by Officer MCCOURT, B.

MAYHEW, MARK, age 37, arrested on 18-Apr 2:11A by Officer JOHNSON

BROOKS, TAVARES, age 32, arrested on 18-Apr 1:06A by Officer FITZGERALD

BEINERT, NICHOLAS, age 22, arrested on 18-Apr 11:53P by Officer FITZGERALD

KING, ANDREW, age 24, arrested on 18-Apr 3:39A by Officer CLAS

MALONEY, PATRICK, age 53, arrested on 18-Apr 11:44P by Officer UMPHREY

COCKRELL, JAMES, age 49, arrested on 18-Apr 9:05P by Officer UMPHREY

YOUNG, DAVID, Jr., age 28, arrested on 18-Apr 12:22A by Officer ROBSHAW

JONES, HANNAH, age 30, arrested on 17-Apr 11:31P by Officer WOODFORD

RICKS, WYCINIA, age 47, arrested on 17-Apr 10:11P by Officer BOMGARDNER

SUTTON, CRAIG, age 34, arrested on 17-Apr 11:48P by Officer WALDRON

FRANK, PATSY, age 61, arrested on 16-Apr 11:24P by Officer WOODFORD

QUADE, JOHN, age 51, arrested on 15-Apr 9:02P by Officer HARMS

KAVADES, LOUIS, age 45, arrested on 15-Apr 10:42P by Officer FITZGERALD

ARMACOST, LUCAS, age 21, arrested on 14-Apr 8:37P by Officer MCDONOUGH, C.

OBEY, STEVEN, age 47, arrested on 13-Apr 5:34P by Officer UMPHREY

AGUILAR GONZALEZ, SELVIN, age 27, arrested on 12-Apr 7:29P by Officer NORTON

SUTTON, CHARLES, age 41, arrested on 12-Apr 6:51P by Officer WINSTON

MOSCATI, GREGORY, age 19, arrested on 12-Apr 11:29P by Officer GRAY

SMITH, ROBERT, age 47, arrested on 11-Apr 2:30A by Officer PHELPS

BENNETT, CATHERINE, age 48, arrested on 11-Apr 12:48A by Officer WOODFORD

NAIRN, JOSEPH, age 48, arrested on 11-Apr 10:20P by Officer KREPS

HAJDASZ, JOSEPH, age 35, arrested on 11-Apr 2:38A by Officer GATTON

WINDSOR, JACOB, age 52, arrested on 10-Apr 6:55P by Officer RICKARD

WASHINGTON, BARBARA, age 42, arrested on 10-Apr 11:12P by Officer GRAY

JAVAID, RIZWAN, age 29, arrested on 10-Apr 1:14A by Officer FITZGERALD

FREIMUTH, BRYAN, age 25, arrested on 10-Apr 1:30A by Officer KREPS

THOMAS, ANTHONY, age 23, arrested on 9-Apr 5:00A by Officer BRADY

DAVIS, ALLEN, Jr., age 27, arrested on 9-Apr 11:12P by Officer LORD

ROBERTS, WILLIAM, age 29, arrested on 8-Apr 10:56P by Officer WOODFORD

JOHNSON, TONYA, age 47, arrested on 7-Apr 11:12P by Officer EVANS, V.

STEWART, MONICA, age 46, arrested on 6-Apr 1:45A by Officer MCDONOUGH, C.

YATES, JAMES, Jr., age 24, arrested on 2-Apr 5:38A by Officer MORGAN

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