LETTER: Obama, A Man Fit Enough to Run the Country


President-Elect Barrack Obama has definitely changed the face of America. Not only is Obama the first African-American President of the United States, he is also considered one of the most physically fit men to ever hold the office.

President-Elect Barrack Obama was also considered fit enough to grace the cover of Men's Health. He was featured in an article depicting him as a "Hero of Health and Fitness." In the Men's Health November 2008 feature article Obama stated, "Most of my workouts have to come before my day starts. There's always a tradeoff between sleep and working out. The main reason I do it is just to clear my head and relieve me of stress."

Regardless of your political or personal affiliation, you have to admire Barrack Obama's dedication to his personal health. Hours before it was determined that he would be the next President of the United States, what did he do? He exercised. He spent time playing basketball, working up a sweat, strengthening his cardiovascular and muscular systems.

President-Elect Barrack Obama is implementing the correct exercise mix of muscle building strength training to increase his metabolism, thereby burning more calories at a higher rate throughout the day and cardiovascular exercise to give him stamina while campaigning.

In his Men's Health interview with Peter Moore, Obama described his fitness regimen. "Usually I get in about 45 minutes, 6 days a week. I'll lift one day and do cardio the next," said Obama.

Imagine that, a United States President-Elect lifting weights three days a week and doing aerobic exercise three days a week. Obama has kept this program up while being a senator and running a full-time presidential campaign. It makes the rest of us wonder why we fail to maintain a consistent program of health and fitness. Our meager excuses fall short in comparison.

During my many years as a personal trainer and fitness professional, I have often sat across the table from someone, obviously in need of my services, who will debate with me why they do not have the time to take care of themselves—even when I offer them fitness programs that take 30% less time than Obama's personal routine.

Perhaps all Americans can truly look to our leadership as a role model. Together, with President Obama at the helm, we can fight some of the problems which plague our country such as obesity, diabetes, and high cost of health care. And when asked, “Can we change the health of our nation?” We will resound, "Yes, we can."

David Wehrenberg
Certified Athletic Trainer
Waldorf, Md.

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