Bailey, Hoyer's Opponent, Receives Ron Paul Endorsement

Also receives endorsement of Republican Minority Leader in the Maryland House of Delegates

CALLAWAY, Md. (July 22, 2008)—Collins Bailey, the Republican candidate for Maryland's 5th congressional district has received an endorsement from ten-term Texas Congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul. Bailey will try to unseat long-time incumbent Democrat Steny Hoyer this November in the 2008 Presidential election. Bailey's campaign noted that Hoyer entered politics when Bailey was just 7 years-old.

The Paul endorsement reads: "Collins Bailey is a man of dignity who stays true to our principles. He has the utmost respect for the rule of law and our Constitution. As a believer in a constitutionally limited federal government, sound monetary policies, civil liberties, and a common sense foreign policy, Collins understands what the real issues are and how they are affecting our country. He has served as an elected member of the Charles County Board of Education. He is currently serving his fourth consecutive four-year term.... Our country needs Collins in Washington. That is why I have given my wholehearted endorsement to Collins Bailey for Congress in Maryland's 5th congressional district."

Paul attained cult-like status this year when during his bid for the Republican Presidential candidate position he fearlessly spoke truth-to-power, spoke boldly against the war in Iraq, and advocated significantly reduced federal governmental powers.

Bailey also received an endorsement from Tony O'Donnell, Republican Minority Leader in the Maryland House of Delegates.

O'Donnell's endorsement reads: "I have known Collins Bailey for many years. He is a good man who wants to maintain a strong nation rooted in the values that have made this nation great. Collins Bailey has worked for decades at the local level to demonstrate his commitment and he certainly deserves the consideration and support of the residents of Maryland's 5th congressional district."

Bailey offered his own platform to complement the endorsements: "I love this district and its people. Our federal government is out of touch with working America, spending is out of control, gas prices continue to rise, and our jobs and our money are going overseas. I believe America is ready for change. I believe America is ready for leadership. I believe America is tired of finger pointing, excuses and party politics. I will cut wasteful spending, reduce the size of government, and promote sound money, individual responsibility, economic and personal liberty, American independence and national sovereignty. I will work with anyone that has America's best interest at heart."

The Republicans did not run a candidate against Hoyer in 2006. Hoyer faced the Green Party's Steve Warner, who armed with a campaign war chest of around $6,000, compared to Hoyer's million-plus pot, took approximately 17% of the vote. Although considered a landslide in political terms, Warner's faring proved that not everyone is happy with Hoyer in Southern Maryland.

Working in Bailey's favor this year is the fact that the balance between registered Democratic and Republican voters and Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties has been steadily approaching equilibrium, where Democrats once held a clear advantage. However, Bailey is running at the tail end of a Republican-led administration that popularity polls identify as the least popular presidency since Richard Nixon. The end of the Bush presidency also finds the American economy in crisis-mode--a key factor for voter's on election day.

Even though the approval rating for Congress is lower than the President's, the number of incumbent Congressmen that were voted out of office in 2006 was trivial in comparison—perhaps indicating that while the public is unhappy with Congress in general, it is the other guy's representative with whom they are displeased.

Maryland's 5th congressional district encompasses Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties and portions of Prince George’s and Anne Arundel counties.

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