Man Gets 30 Years For Assault, Burglary During Home Invasion

By Guy Leonard, County Times

HOLLYWOOD, Md. (June 19, 2008)—Circuit Court Judge C. Clarke Raley sentenced a Great Mills man to 30 years in prison for his role in a home invasion that took place on Medley’s Neck Road in July of last year where he and his accomplice kicked in doors at a boarding house looking for drugs and money.

Derrick R. Medley, 23, was convicted in February during a two-day trial when 12 jurors found him guilty of three counts of first-degree assault and three counts of first-degree burglary.

His accomplice, Trey D. Barnes, pleaded guilty to robbery charges in the case before Medley’s trial.

“This was a very serious case, a very dangerous situation,” said Deputy State’s Attorney Ted Weiner.

Medley’s trial earlier this year revealed that after a night of heavy drinking and marijuana use, he and Barnes went to the Medley’s Neck Road boarding house looking to rob Jeb McWade, who they believed had money and drugs.

Both Medley and Barnes entered the boarding house and proceeded to kick in doors on the second f loor and, according to testimony from victims, pointed guns at them demanding to know where McWade was.

Once they found McWade in his room a struggle ensued between Mc-Wade and Medley and Barnes fired a shot down the hallway, according to court testimony.

After the shot was fired both Medley and Barnes ran down stairs, and one of them, according to the boarding house proprietor Walter Francis Duke, pointed a gun in his face telling him to get out of their way.

Both Barnes and Medley were arrested soon after at Medley’s girlfriend’s home. Investigators found two handguns and ammunition they believe were used in the home invasion by the defendants.

Throughout the trial and even during his sentencing hearing Medley maintained his innocence, saying that he was a victim of circumstance in the wrong place and the wrong time.

“I never had a weapon, I never kicked in any door and I never robbed nobody,” Medley told Raley.

He testified during the trial that he was just looking for more marijuana, and that Barnes initiated the incident.

But statements given by Medley after the crime to criminal investigators seemed to show he knew beforehand that Barnes had intended to commit robbery.

Raley said that the evidence presented at trial was more than enough to convince the jury that Medley was an active participant in the robbery, however.

“You abetted the main perpetrator,” Raley said. “It doesn’t matter really who has the guns.

“And in fact the jury believed you had the gun.”

Raley said that Medley’s attitude from the beginning of the case in his court, through the trial and then the sentencing showed he did not appreciate the gravity of his offenses.

“He just doesn’t take a serious view as to what his conduct is,” Raley said. “He never has.”

After Medley’s lawyer, Public Defender John Getz, told his client his post trial rights in open court he was taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies.

“I’ll see you in two years,” Medley said confidently to the court as he was taken to holding.

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