St. Mary's County Sheriff's Reports

LEONARDTOWN, Md. (March 24, 2008) - The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Department today released the following incident and arrest reports.

FIRST DEGREE ASSAULT, DISORDERLY CONDUCT, DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: On March 20 Deputies responded to Birch Manor Circle in Mechanicsville for a disturbance. The victim, male, 25 of Mechanicsville reported Laura Ellen Tucker, 42 of Leonardtown, attacked him with a screwdriver. The victim had a cut and numerous scratches on the side of his neck. The victim stated that Tucker was a guest at his house. Tucker had been consuming alcoholic beverages and became disorderly. Tucker struck two other persons in the residence before she was escorted outside of the residence. Once outside, Tucker opened and entered a vehicle parked in the driveway and found a screwdriver. Tucker exited the vehicle holding the screwdriver, approached and attacked him. The victim wrestled the screwdriver away from Laura Tucker and held her to the ground until Sheriff's Deputies arrived. Tucker was arrested for the assaults and disorderly conduct. Tucker was handcuffed and placed into the police cruiser. Once inside of the police cruiser, Tucker raised both feet and kicked the right rear passenger window causing it to break. Deputy Deborah L. Milam was the arresting Deputy.

ILLEGAL DRUGS: On March 21, Deputy First Class Marci Faulkner was enroute to a call in Lexington Park. As Dfc. Faulkner was traveling to the call she observed what she believed to be a possible hand to hand controlled dangerous substance sale in the area route 235 and Rennell Drive in Lexington Park. Dfc. Faulkner called out a description of the suspect and the vehicle involved to other deputies responding. Deputy Richard McCoy was in the immediate area and observed a male matching the description of one of the suspects involved in the possible controlled dangerous substance transaction. Deputy McCoy stopped the subject and identified him as Peter Lewis Orazio, 19, of Lexington Park. Deputy McCoy explained to Mr. Orazio why he stopped him. Orazio consented to a search of his person. Deputy McCoy conducted the search of Mr. Orazio's person and discovered a small aluminum packed containing suspected crack cocaine. Orazio was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance - suspected crack cocaine.

ILLEGAL DRUGS: On March 21 at approximately 5:50 p.m. the St. Mary's County Emergency Communications Center broadcast a lookout for a vehicle allegedly transporting a large amount of marijuana. The vehicle was described as a black Nissan sports utility vehicle, last seen on South Essex Drive and possible heading to the area of Pegg Road and Three Notch Road. Senior Deputy First Class (SDFC.) Robert Russell observed the suspect vehicle at the intersection of Pegg Road and Three Notch Road. SDFC. Russell initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver as John Phillip Birdine, Jr., 34 of Lexington Park. Birdine was told the reason for the stop. Birdine consented to a search of his vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed a glass smoking device used to consume suspected marijuana. SDFC. Russell also located two plastic bags containing suspected marijuana and one rolled cigar wrapper containing suspected marijuana. Birdine was the sole occupant of the vehicle. He was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance - marijuana and possession of controlled dangerous substance paraphernalia.

ILLEGAL DRUGS: On March 23, 2008 at approximately 11:21 pm Deputy Jean Vezzosi conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a tinted window violation. As Deputy Vezzosi activated his emergency equipment and was stopping the vehicle he witnessed the driver of the vehicle, Adam Thomas Herbert, 19 of California, throw a brown cigar like object out of the driver's window. The object landed approximately four feet from the car door. Deputy Vezzosi walked over to the object and picked it up. The object was a rolled cigar containing suspected marijuana. Herbert was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance - marijuana.

SECOND DEGREE ASSAULT, TRESPASSING: On March 23 Senior Deputy First Class James Molitor responded to a residence in Lexington Park for an unwanted guest complaint. Investigation revealed Aurora Davila Moynihan, 45 of no fixed address, arrived at the residence the day before and was permitted to stay the night. On the date in question a disagreement ensued between the victim and Moynihan, so Moynihan was asked to leave. After being asked several times to leave the residence by the victim and SDFC Molitor, Moynihan still continued to refused to leave stating she had no where else to go. Moynihan told the Deputy he would have to arrest her. Moynihan then grabbed SDFC. Molitor's arm and left hand. Moynihan was arrested for second degree assault and trespassing.

FIRST DEGREE ASSAULT: On March 23 Deputy Michael Campbell received a report of an assault. The victim reported the accused John Charles Wiles, III, 38 of Mechanicsville, became upset at Easter dinner over his missing cellular telephone. Wiles retrieved a loaded shotgun from the master bedroom of the residence, pointed the shotgun in the direction of the dinner table where the victim was seated and chambered a round. Wiles then transitioned the barrel of the shotgun in the direction of the television which was located next to the dinner table and threatened to shoot the television. Wiles was arrested and charged with First Degree Assault.

FIRST DEGREE ASSAULT: On March 22 Clarence David Rohrer got into a domestic dispute at a residence located in Leonardtown with two other individuals. The two other individuals involved decided to leave the residence and got into a vehicle. As the individuals were driving away from the residence, they heard the sound of a gunshot immediately followed by the sound of small objects striking their vehicle or the street sign directly behind their vehicle. Rohrer was contacted and interviewed by Senior Deputy First Class Robert Merritt. Based on the investigation, Rohrer was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree assault and two counts of reckless endangerment.

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