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St. Mary's Offers Free Taxi Ride for Impaired Superbowl Fans

LEONARDTOWN, Md. (Feb. 2, 2008)—Officials in St. Mary's County are so concerned about keeping the roads safe from drunken drivers on Superbowl Sunday, they are offering free taxi rides home from local bars for inebriated drivers. If during your celebration you find yourself without a safe ride, ask your bartender about Tipsy Taxi, a sober, free ride home.

“Designating a sober driver should be on the top of everyone’s Super Bowl party list,” said Sheriff Tim Cameron. “If you are at a local establishment designate a driver before the party begins, call a friend, or use Tipsy Taxi.”

The Tipsy Taxi program is sponsored by the Board of Commissioners for St. Mary’s County and the St. Mary’s County Highway Safety Program Division of Community Services.

According to the 2008 County budget, in 2006 15 business participated in the program and approximately 30 participated in 2007. Officials projected that 40 will participate this year.

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