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Md. NRP Police Reports

ANNAPOLIS (Jan. 12, 2008) - The Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) released the following incident and arrest report. NRP is the enforcement arm of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). NRP is the only police force aside from the Maryland State Police that has statewide jurisdiction.

On Tuesday, Jan. 1, at 5:07 p.m., the Maryland Natural Resources Police charged William M. Oliver, 61, of Dunkirk with hunting waterfowl with bait on private property off of Southern Maryland Boulevard near Dunkirk. Oliver was observed allegedly hunting geese with corn scattered around his blind. He was issued a citation for hunting waterfowl with the aid of bait with a court date of March 3 scheduled in Calvert County District Court.

A person may not hunt, or attempt to hunt wetland game birds, by the aid of baiting, or on or over any baited area. Baiting means the placing, exposing, depositing, distributing, or scattering of shelled, shucked or unshucked corn, wheat or other grain, salt, or other feed that would lure, attract, or entice wetland game birds to, on, or over any areas where hunters are attempting to hunt them.

However, this regulation does not prohibit the hunting of all upland game birds and wetland game birds on or over standing crops, flooded standing crops (including aquatics), flooded harvested crop lands, grain crops properly shocked on the field where grown, or grains found scattered solely as the result of normal agricultural planting or harvesting.

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