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Hillary Tops Field In Q3 Fundraising In Md., Obama Gains Half As Much

WASHINGTON (Oct 16, 2007) - Hillary Clinton raised $966,529 in Maryland in the third quarter, making her the leading candidate in either party in the state’s money race last quarter. The candidate weighing in with the next highest amount of contributions from Marylanders was Barack Obama, Democrat, with $493,537.

Clinton has raised nearly $3 million in the state since the campaign began.

“We are overwhelmed by the strong support for Senator Clinton from every walk of life and every part of Maryland,” said Clinton Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle. “Marylanders know that Hillary has the strength and experience to deliver the change America needs.”

Many critics contribute much of Clinton's success to the disproportionate amount of media coverage afforded to her by the major corporate-owned media outlets. The corporate-run presidential debates for both parties have also show favoritism for candidates which the media deem to be the leaders. Candidates such as Clinton and Obama are allowed to dominate the debates while other candidates, such as Kucinich and Gravel, are limited to a few minutes out of a two-hour debate.

Contributions from Marylanders to leading presidential candidates for the third quarter appear below:

Hillary Clinton, Democratic, $966,529
Barack Obama, Democratic, 493,537
Fred Thompson, Republican, 160,050
John McCain, Republican, 122,090
Rudy Giuliani, Republican, 118,100
Mitt Romney, Republican, 104,989
John Edwards, Democratic, 79,773
Bill Richardson, Democratic, 71,126
Chris Dodd, Democratic, 58,848
Joe Biden, Democratic, 40,385
Dennis Kucinich, Democratic, 4,625

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