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New Laws Regarding Animals Go Into Effect Today In Maryland

MARYLAND (October 1, 2007)—Several new laws regarding animals in the State of Maryland become effective today. The new laws are summarized below.

House Bill 505: Maryland Service Animal Reform Act - "Gretchen's Law"

For the purpose of expanding specific provisions concerning individuals with disabilities to include service animals; repealing provisions requiring individuals accompanied by service animals to display specified identification; requiring specific organizations or agencies that require specified individuals to take specified professional training courses to include a segment concerning the rights of individuals with disabilities who are accompanied by services animals; etc.


House Bill 1352: Maryland Horse Industry Board - Rescue Stables

Altering specified definitions to authorize the Maryland Horse Industry Board to license, impose fees, and inspect any person that operates a rescue stable.


House Bill 1433: Department of Agriculture - Animal Health Enforcement

Prohibiting a person from providing false animal health or other false identifying information, reports or documents, or possessing, altering or damaging specific documents or devices pertaining to animal health; authorizing the Department of Agriculture to seek injunctive relief for specific purposes; etc.


Senate Bill 696: Crimes - Leaving Dogs Outside and Unattended by use of Restraints - Penalties

Criminal Law Section 10-623, Annotated Code of Maryland (2002 Volume and 2006 Supplement)
Prohibiting a person from leaving a dog outside and unattended by use of a restraint that unreasonably limits the movement of the dog; that uses a collar that: is made primarily of metal; or is not at least as large as the circumference of the dog's neck plus 1 (one) inch; etc.


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