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Hoyer Responds To President Bush's Comments On Iraq

WASHINGTON – Southern Maryland's U.S. Representative and House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer released the following statement this morning after President Bush commented on his “assessment report” to Congress on the continuing war in Iraq:

“Democrats are absolutely committed to fighting and defeating terrorists, and this misadventure in Iraq has not only diminished our military readiness but diverted our attention from that fight. After more than four years at war in Iraq, the President’s so-called ‘assessment report’ on Iraq is nothing short of chilling. More than 3,600 brave American servicemen and women have been killed in this war, more than 26,000 have been injured, and the American taxpayer has spent nearly half a trillion dollars on this misadventure. Today, all we have to show for this extreme loss of blood and treasure are vague statements about ‘progress’ without any indication or confidence that it will be sustained or that real gains will be made. The American people have lost confidence in the President’s strategy and handling of this war. Democrats are fighting for a responsible redeployment of American forces that emphasizes a robust diplomatic initiative, training of Iraqi forces, counter-terrorism efforts and border protection.”

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