St. Mary's County Sheriff's Reports

LEONARDTOWN, Md. - The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Department today released the following incident and arrest reports.

Mitch Anthony Wathen (Age 21 of Mechanicsville) was charged with twenty-two (22) counts of property destruction and five (5) counts of theft under $100.00. Deputy Eva Snyder investigated numerous mailbox destructions and related thefts, developing Wathen as a suspect. All of the violations occurred in the southern end of St. Mary's County, namely Ridge and St. Inigoes.

James Conner O'Rourke (Age 20 of Leonardtown) was charged by Deputy Brian Connelly for theft under $100.00. Suspect O'Rourke stole a pre-made sandwich from a Leonardtown Convenience Store.

The following suspects were charged on a Criminal Summons with "Bad Check:"

* Lemuel Alexander Merrill (Age 50 of Mechanicsville) Total value of the check was $250.00. Deputy Keith Moritz was the charging Deputy.

* Heather Marie Young (Age 20 of Mechanicsville) Total value of the check was more than $79.00. Deputy James Fontana was the charging Deputy.

* Shannyn Elizabeth Dulemba (Age 23 of California) Total value of the check was $200.00. Deputy William Waters was the charging Deputy.

* Teena Marie Holt (Age 36 of Loveville) Total value of the check was $42.00. Deputy James Maguire was the charging Deputy.

Deputy Patrick Handy responded to a reported domestic dispute at a Lexington Park residence. Suspect Kenderick Andre Boss (Age 21 of Lexington Park) made threats to harm the victim and her child. The threats included burning down the home. Deputy Handy attempted to place Suspect Boss into custody and he resisted. A struggle ensued before Suspect Boss was placed into custody. He was charged with Assault, Threats of Arson and Resisting Arrest.

Sherod Anders Mclaughlin (Age 25 of Waldorf) was arrested by Corporal Christopher Morley for Failure to Register as a Sexual Offender.

Rodney Lee Adams Sr. (Age 49 of Mechanicsville) was arrested by Deputy Timothy Butler for Failure to Appear.

George Linwood Chaney 3rd (Age 46 of Lexington Park) was arrested for passing a bad check. The arrest was made by Deputy Michael George.

Mary Marie Jackson (Age 62 of Lexington Park) was arrested for Failure to Appear by Deputy Robert A. Russell.

Sharon Elizabeth Chase (Age 48 of Lexington Park) was arrested for passing a bad check. The arrested was made by Deputy William Rishel.

Kathryn Anne Harris (Age 58 of Springfield, Virginia) and Julian Francis Wheaton (Age 59 of Mechanicsville) were intoxicated and harassing patrons of a Charlotte Hall bar. While acting disorderly, they stole items belonging to one of the patrons and left the area. They were located a short distance away. Suspect Harris denied stealing any of the items and became disorderly. The stolen items were obtained from Suspect Wheaton's vehicle. Both were charged with the theft and Suspect Harris received the additional charge of Disorderly Conduct.

Deputy Milton Pesante arrested Geraldine Elizabeth Snyder (Age 48 of Leonardtown) for stealing more than $68.00 worth of items from a California Grocery Store. A second suspect, Yvette Ann Snyder (Age 46 of Leonardtown) was also arrested for stealing more than $56.00 worth of merchandise.

Deputy Kevin Somerville responded to St. Mary's Hospital for the reported injured subject. Upon arrival he made contact with the victim. He observed visible signs of injury. As the investigation continued it was discovered that a domestic dispute took place at a Mechanicsville address. The assault occurred after the victim and the suspect, Adam Michael Myers (Age 28 of Mechanicsville) had returned home. Between the hours of 2am and about 515am the victim attempted to leave the residence several times and was prevented from doing so. She was physically restraint and held by the suspect. The victim was treated for her injuries and Deputies located the suspect at the home. He provided several different explanations for the various injuries; however none were consistent with the injuries suffered. Suspect Myers was charged with Property Destruction, Assault Second Degree and False Imprisonment.

Deputy Todd Fleenor responded to the reported fight in progress in Lexington Park. Once on the scene suspect Charles Edwin Compton (Age 20 of Leonardtown) and Kenneth Ryan Caldwell (Age 25 of Park Hall) were observed attempting to leave the area. Deputy Fleenor attempted to speak to them about the incident and Suspect Caldwell struck the Deputy and a physical altercation ensued. While Deputy Fleenor was attempting to get Suspect Caldwell into custody on the ground, Suspect Compton punched Deputy Fleenor in the face with a closed fist. Additional Deputies responded and both were placed into custody. Suspect Compton was placed in the rear of a marked police unit and kicked out the rear window. He was charged with Assault on a Police Officer, Property Destruction, Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. Suspect Caldwell was charged with Assault Second Degree, Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest.

Kirk Vondel Swales (Age 25 of Mechanicsville) was observed inside a vehicle by an undercover Deputy. That Deputy notified patrol Deputy Jaime Reithmeyer and she conducted a traffic stop. Suspect Swales was wanted through Charles County Sheriff's Office and was arrested. A search incident to the arrest revealed a quantity of marijuana.

Michelle Lynn Cundiff (Age 35 of Hollywood) was arrested for Failure to Appear by Deputy Ronald Maloy.

Patience Nicole Simms was arrested through a Grand Jury Indictment for Possession of Cocaine and Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute. The investigation was conducted by BCI Narcotics Officers and the warrant was served by Deputy Ronald Maloy.

Steven Randolf Thompson Jr. (Age 22 of Lexington Park) was arrested by Deputy Robert Merritt for passing a worthless check.

Leslie Anne Brown (Age 21 of Mechanicsville) was charged by Deputy Jason Graves with Credit Card Theft and Theft under $100.00. The crimes occurred in Prince George's County and she was served a Criminal Summons that was obtained by that jurisdiction.

Gregory Keith Hare (Age 22 of Lexington Park) was charged on a Criminal Summons by Deputy Timothy Butler for Theft over $500.0 and Theft Scheme over $500.00. Deputy Butler's investigation revealed that Suspect Hare has been stealing cash from his employer over the course of the last several months.

Suspect David Warner Hadden (Age 26 of Lexington Park) was arrested for Disorderly Conduct due to his actions inside a Great Mills Convenience Store. The arrest was made by Deputy Kevin Somerville.

Peter James Hannon (Age 29 of Leonardtown) was arrested after a domestic dispute turned physical. During the altercation Suspect Hannon destroyed the victim's cellular phone. He was arrested for Assault Second Degree and Property Destruction. The arresting Deputy was Kevin Meyer.

Deputy James Maguire located Donald Joseph Thorpe II (Age 39 of Mechanicsville) acting suspiciously in a Mechanicsville neighborhood. Upon contact him and investigating, it was determined that Suspect Thorpe had gone behind a nearby home and released the refrigerant from the air conditioning into a rubber glove. He then inhaled that Freon. He was placed under arrest and charged with Theft under $100.00 and Possession of Burglary tools.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Violations:

Robin Childress Ford (Age 41 of Charlotte Hall) by Deputy James Stone.

Kenneth Lee Childs (Age 38 of Lexington Park) by Deputy James Stone.

Reginald Sean Allen (Age 26 of Lexington Park) by Deputy James Stone.

Joshua Matthew Zurkan (Age 27 of Mechanicsville) by Deputy Kevin Meyer.

Sarah Jane Gallagher (Age 24 of Leonardtown) by Deputy Timothy Butler.

Michael Gerd Linder (Age 43 of Owings, Md.) by Deputy Shaun Carberry.

John Richard Kolakowski (Age 48 of California, Md.) by Deputy John Logalbo.

Michael Shawn Nichols (Age 47 of Mechanicsville) by Deputy David Cowan (Repeat Offender).

Matthew Stewart Boucher (Age 52 of Hollywood) by Deputy Marci Faulkner.

Daniel Scoot Hawkins (Age 22 of Park Hall) by Deputy Milton Pesante.

Eric Hans Gruenberger (Age 19 of Sykesville, Md.) by Deputy Shaun Carberry.

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