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Leonardtown Serves Wine, Cheese, and Politics

Local Candidates tell us what they think their prospects are for winning the election next week

By David Noss

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – At today’s toast to the soon-to-come Port of Leonardtown winery (see Leonardtown Toasts Launch of New Winery), the crowd was filled with politicians—from the Commissioners of Leonardtown and the St. Mary’s County Commissioners to candidates for sheriff, judgeships, and other political hopefuls. With only a week to go until the General Election, candidates were looking for one more chance to try and win the vote of any yet undecided voters. As any good politician will tell you, “It ain’t over until it’s over.”

We took advantage of the gathering to ask the candidates what they thought their prospects were for winning their race next week.

“I feel good about the campaign,” said incumbent Sheriff David Zylak (D). “I think we’re doing all the right things.”

“I think the campaign has gone well,” said Zylak’s competitor, Tim Cameron (R). “I’m where I hoped I would be.” Cameron also complemented Zylak on the way he has conducted his campaign. “I give my opponent a lot of credit,” said Cameron. “It’s been a gentleman’s race throughout. Now it’s up to the voters.”

“I listen, I’m honest, I use common sense,” said Kenney Dement (R), candidate for Commissioner of District 1. “I feel confident I’ll win again.” When we asked Dement’s opponent Elfreda Talbert Mathis (D) if she was optimistic about the outcome, she said, “I’m still smiling.”

Joe St. Clair (D), candidate for Commissioner of District 3, was very confident. “I think I’m going to be here for the citizens of the county,” he said.

Jenks Mattingly, one of four candidates for three Judge seats of the Orphans Court, noted that, “we’ve all worked hard.” He said that he had a good primary, but the race is a long way from over. “There’s still a lot of work to be done. I don’t think it’s over until it’s over.”

“The campaign looks good, but we take nothing for granted,” said Jack Russell (D), candidate for Commissioner President. “We’re still beating bushes.” Russell was making a light-hearted reference to his opponent Joseph B. Bush, Sr. (R). Since this is a key race in the County, we tried, but were unable to reach Bush by either phone or email for his prediction about the outcome of the race.

“Our prospects are good,” said Thomas McKay (R), candidate for State Senator of District 29. “I think we’ll sneak out a marginal tie in St. Mary’s County and carry Calvert and Charles County.” McKay’s opponent, Senator Roy Dyson (D) did not attend the event.

Editor’s Note: Apologies to any candidate in attendance with whom we did not speak. It was not intentional.

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