St. Mary's Seeks Volunteers For Boards, Committees and Commissions

LEONARDTOWN, MD -- The Board of Commissioners for St. Mary's County is seeking citizens who are interested in volunteering their time in public service to the community by serving on various Boards, Committees, and Commissions. Interested citizens can pick-up an application in the St. Mary's County Public Information Office, located on the first floor of the Governmental Center in Leonardtown or call 301-475-4200 extension 1341. Applications and meeting dates and times can be found on the County's website at All applications must include a resume. To be considered for appointments effective January 1, 2007, applications must be submitted by November 3, 2006.

The following Boards, Committees and Commissions have existing and potential vacancies:

Agriculture Preservation Advisory Board
(three members can be reappointed and one member cannot be reappointed)

To advise the Commissioners with respect to the establishment and status of agricultural districts and the approval of purchases of easements by the Maryland Agricultural Preservation Foundation and to promote preservation of agriculture within the County.

Agriculture, Seafood, and Forestry Commission
(one member can be reappointed and one member cannot be reappointed)

To identify and implement activities aimed at preserving agriculture and seafood harvesting as prosperous components of the County's economy; to promote the agriculture, aquaculture and forestry industries of the county; to provide a permanently established forum for the discussion of public policy issues relating to concerns of agriculture, seafood and forestry; and to recommend and advise the Board of County Commissioners on issues related to agriculture, seafood and forestry.

Airport Advisory Committee
(three members can be reappointed)

To advise the Board of County Commissioners and County government on future planning and development, emerging opportunities, and related issues of Airport management.

Board of Trustees, Museum Division, St. Mary's County, Department of Recreation and Parks
(two members can be reappointed)

To promote, through the establishment and maintenance of a Museum and allied projects, programs which will bring about a better understanding and appreciation by the community of history, art, and the sciences indigenous to its area.

Commission on Aging
(one member cannot be reappointed)

To advise and assist in the coordination of governmental programs involving the aging and deal with matters of finance, social services, housing, employment, leisure time, medical services, transportation and retirement as it affects senior citizens.

Commission for People with Disabilities
(three members can be reappointed)

To increase acceptance and full participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of county life.

Commission on the Environment
(one member can be reappointed)

To promote environmental awareness by research, by information gathering, and by public meetings; to involve citizens through a variety of means to affect improved community understanding; to serve as county government's official representation in matters related to the environment. As such as liaison with Federal, State and other Local Governments and with civic organizations and the general public.

Community Health Advisory Committee
(five members cannot be reappointed)

To assist the Board of Health by advising the Board regarding the health problems of St. Mary's County and assisting the Board in its responsibility to undertake "community assessment." The committee will promote the prevention of premature death, disability, and illness by developing St. Mary's County community health policies for recommendation to the Board. The role of the Board of Health is to support the committee, by providing the resources if needed by the committee to undertake the work, and by facilitating the planning process.

Development Review Forum
(three members can be reappointed)

To oversee the implementation of the subdivision streamlining report as prepared by Environmental Resources Management, Inc.; to investigate additional improvements to the subdivision and development review process; establish review time targets and evaluate agency performance in meeting those targets; serve as a forum to review concerns and new needs through time; and to report annually to the Board of County Commissioners on progress and additional recommendations for improvements.

Electrical Examiners Board
(two members can be reappointed and one member cannot be reappointed)

To enforce the Public Laws of St. Mary's County entitled Electrical Examiners and as may be amended and any additional rules and regulations so adopted by the Board; to review all applications for the Master and Limited Electrical License, administer and grade the examinations and issue new or renewed licenses as required.

Library Board of Trustees
(one member can be reappointed and one member cannot be reappointed)

To deal with all aspects of the library including services, staff, rules and regulations and other functions for the proper delivery of library services.

Marcey House Board
(four members cannot be reappointed)

To oversee the business and manage the day to day operations of the Marcey House, which is a residential facility for the treatment and counseling of persons recovering from substance abuse.

Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council

To serve as advocate for a comprehensive Health system for persons of all ages in the areas of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault and to report to the Board of County Commissioners and local Health Officer the progress of these local programs.

Metropolitan Commission
(two members cannot be reappointed)

To provide the Commission with a wide range of authority necessary for the operations of the public water and sewer system within the County.

Recreation and Parks Board
(three members can be reappointed and two members cannot be reappointed)

To preside over a comprehensive program of public recreation, including establishment, operation, and maintenance of a system of public parks throughout St. Mary's County.

St. Mary's Interagency Children's Council

To provide for interagency collaboration for children's services in St. Mary's County to coordinate services and maximize resources in developing programs; and to support programs which provide prevention and intervention services to children and their families; and to examine programs and services and plans for children and youth in St. Mary's County for the purpose of identifying duplications, inefficiencies, effectiveness of programs, resources, and unmet needs; and to secure and analyze departmental plans and budget requests affecting programs.

Social Services Board

To deal with policy, programs and problems of the local Department of Social Services and Public Assistance Administration.

Solid Waste Advisory Committee
(one member cannot be reappointed)

To review legislative requirements, demographic and geographic data, and the existing solid waste system; to critique current system; to analyze alternatives to provide service; to review ten year plan and develop suggestions; to participate in the recycling planning process; to assist in the public educational process for the implementation of recycling in St. Mary's County; to present periodic reports to the Board of County Commissioners; and to perform other activities as needed.

Wicomico Shores Golf Course Advisory Board
(two members can be reappointed)

To advise the Board of County Commissioners and County Government on future planning and development, fees, policies and related issues of Golf Course management.

Zoning Board of Appeals
(one member can be reappointed)

To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error in any order, requirement, decision, or determination made by an administrative official in the enforcement of this article or of any ordinance adopted pursuant thereto; to hear and decide special exceptions to the terms of the ordinance upon which board is required to pass under such ordinances; and to authorize upon appeal in specific cases a variance from the terms of the ordinance.

For more information, contact the Public Information Office at 301-475-4200 ext. 1341.

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