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Rowdy Motel Guests Arrested at Waldorf Holiday Inn

According to the Maryland State Police, on September 30, 2006 @ 0200 hours, First Sergeant D. Truitt was working secondary employment at the Holiday Inn, on St. Patrick's Drive, Waldorf, Charles County, Maryland. While on the first floor of the establishment he observed a large, loud, and intoxicated group entering the elevator. Approximately 5 minutes later the front desk received a complaint from a guest regarding a large loud crowd on the third floor.

First Sergeant Truitt responded to the third floor and observed three people exit a room and walked to Room 304. He returned to the front desk, where a second complaint was received by the front desk clerk. Truitt then returned to the third floor again and observed Michelle C. Charbonnier, 29 years, of Baltimore, Maryland and Jennifer L. Judy, 23 years, of Baltimore, Maryland, and an unidentified male. They were asked to quiet down and go to a room as it was 0230 hours and the hotel has received two complaints. Truitt identified himself as hotel security prior to advising the guest if he returned again they would be evicted from the hotel.

Truitt again returned to the third floor and observed the unidentified male and Jennifer Judy in the hallway banging on the door to Room 304. They were asked again to quiet down. Ms. Judy began to raise her voice and then began to beat on Room 302. At this point, Truitt called for uniform assistance. He identified himself as a Maryland State Trooper and advised Ms. Judy she was under arrest. Ms. Charbonnier attempted to pull Ms. Judy into Room 304. Ms. Judy was placed under arrest without further incident.

PFC J. Freeman of the Charles County Sheriff's Office arrived on the scene. Ms. Charbonnier was asked to leave the establishment numerous times and refused to leave. She was in the hallway of the hotel yelling. PFC Freeman attempted to arrest her. She pulled away and resisted arrest. After Ms. Judy and Ms. Charbonnier were finally placed under arrest, they were transported to the Charles County Detention Center pending a bond review. Both were charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing, hindering and resisting arrest.

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