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LETTER: Cusick Challenges Bohanan on Education

As the Democrat challenger to Delegate John Bohanan for Maryland Legislature District 29B, I feel I must respond to his March 1, 2006, Editorial in the Enterprise.

He clearly is blaming our local St. Mary's County government for failing to provide more money to our local schools and so he is misrepresenting the problem to the public through that Editorial.

It is Mr. Bohanan's own policies that have brought the overcrowding to all of St. Mary's County and especially to the schools. Our local Board of Education is trying viciously hard to keep up with the growth and the Bohanan policies are still bringing in more excess growth to this area and to the schools. Those massive new work forces (and their families) coming from the Multi-Purpose Aircraft project, the Presidential Helicopter project, and many others people and projects coming to our home and it has all been orchestrated through Bohanan and his policies.

The overpopulation to our entire area is forcing the schools to use more and more of the "relocatable" trailers for classrooms and students really belong inside the school buildings. Two of those classroom trailers have burned down in District 29B and yet Delegate Bohanan does not object to the excessive growth that his policies have helped to create but now Bohanan is blaming it on our local County government because we do not put lots more cash to cover up and to pay for his own reckless policies.

The Board of Education does not deserve the blame because they are truly trying hard to keep up with the destructive overwhelming growth coming into St. Mary's County. The problems of growth in St. Mary's County and of District 29B in particular belong in very large part to the representative of 29B and that man needs to be replaced in the election coming in 2006.

James P. Cusick, Sr.
Candidate, Legislature District 29b. Democrat.

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