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St. Mary's Police Report

On 04-19-05 St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office Deputy Angela Muller responded to a reported Domestic Dispute call in Lexington Park. Deputy Muller determined there was no physical assault between the parties. Further investigation revealed that Suspect Christopher Adam Warden had a Bench Warrant through Charles County. Suspect Warden was arrested. A search incident to arrest revealed Drug Paraphernalia, Smoking Device, in the Suspect's pocket. Deputy Muller transported Suspect Warden and transferred custody to a Charles County Deputy. Charges for the drug paraphernalia smoking device are pending the results of a lab test on the device.

St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office Deputy SDFC Kevin Somerville responded to the report of an intoxicated subject at a business in Mechanicsville. Upon arrival Suspect John Frederick Vance was observed to be intoxicated and falling to the ground. Suspect was arrested, transported to the St. Mary's County Detention Center and charged with Disorderly Intoxication.

St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office Deputy John Cusic located Suspect Jason David Thompson and served him with a Criminal Summons from Frederick County, Maryland charging him with two (2) counts of Second Degree Assault. Suspect Thompson is currently awaiting a court date in Frederick County District Court.

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