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MD House Passes Civil Union Bill

HB 1021, The Medical Decision Making Act of 2005, which creates a Certificate of Life Partnership, passed Maryland's House of Delegates in this morning's session with a vote of 83 - 50. A similar bill, SB 796, passed the Senate earlier this month.

The Medical Decision Making Act of 2005 (HB 1021) mandates that the Secretary of State issues Certificates of Life Partnership to any requesting couples comprised of two single adults that are not related.

The bill provides for a public registry of life partnerships. It also states that a person must wait 90 days after leaving a life partnership before entering another. The majority of HB 1021 focuses on the details of the new life partnerships. Only one section of the bill discusses medical decision. It includes the provision that life partners may make decisions for each other in cases of medical emergency.

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