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What's This All About?

More and more internet traffic is coming from mobile devices. Many mobile devices have screen sizes and resolutions much smaller than the typical desktop or laptop computer. As such, pages designed years ago for hi-res monitors are not practical for mobile devices. Therefore, we have redesigned the front page of to include a mobile-friendly version. We have also elected to keep the classic page for those who are used to it and prefer it.

By default, our system will try to detect the type of device you are using; smart phones and tablets will automatically be redirected to the mobile-friendly page and other devices will load the classic page.

Realizing that some folks may desire it to be the other way around, we have created this page to allow you to set your default front page, regardless of what type of device you are using.

To change the default page you land on, just press the appropriate button next to Change Your Default below. But first, some important notes:

  • This requires your device to have cookies enabled.
  • We will set a cookie that will last 365 days.
  • You will have to set each device separately. Coming here on your phone, will not change the settings for your tablet or pc.
  • You can force the site not to redirect your mobile device to the mobile friendly page by simply going to this address:
  • If you prefer the Mobile-friendly page, regardless of what type of device you are using, simpy go to: This page will never try to redirect you based on device type.

See some examples our our classic and mobile-Friendly pages on different devices.